Friday, February 03, 2006

Free webzine ecommerce tip

Like many marketers who use sophisticated webzine tech to create user groups, I plan to start a FREE Webzine online community for blogology and web usability explorations and insight sharing.

How would it be different from my blogs?

Well, there would be ads for interesting, recommended products, more stuff to do, and more interactive functions and services. More features like music, audio, video, polls, games, and tutorials.

Webzine tutes will cover RSS/Atom, IT issues, security solutions, social media software applications, metablogging profitability programs, blog diagnostics, super-blogging techniques, power blogging hacks, and results-driven evaluation criteria for group blogs, market research blogs, grass roots activist blogs, political blogs, candidate blogs, CEO blogs, project collaboration intranet blogs, corporate communications firewall blogs, "stup-blogs" (new business start-up blogs), audioblogs, moblogs, vlogs, and webzines.

A webzine may be the Next Big Thing, beyond blogs. But the blog will perhaps remain the hub of all, linking to ecommerce sites, branded gaming sub-pages, and integrated blogs with video file disseminations.

FOCUS: Profitable computing, lucrative blogging, income-generating web sites, internet marketing secrets, and digital business ideas.

Ecommerce Best Practices.

How to Evaluate an Ecommerce Web Site.

How to Write Ecommerce Sales Pitches.


How to Use FREE Web Tools and Services to:

Make Money,
Gain Clients,
Promote Products,
Advertise Services,
Establish a Thought
Leadership Position.

Now, here's my...

FREE Webzine
Ecommerce Tip:

NEVER have hypertext links, that are labeled as links to online information ("read article"), lead instead to ecommerce sites selling product.

When a user anticipates learning something valuable, but is greeted by an order form on a sales site, the user is bound to feel cheated, deceived, and underestimated.

Is that what drives sales: customer abuse and disappointments? Of course not.

This "Link & Switch Sales Deception" strategy destroys credibility, makes you seem greedy, and violates user expectations of link destinations as implied by hyperlink text.

Your link that says "read article" should go only to a real article of substance, heavily linked to substantiating sources whenever possible, and available in a printer-friendly version.

At the bottom of that article, you may now insert a link to a sales site, clearly labeled as "Buy book now", "ordering information", or "View exclusive products offers and FREE tutorials directory", or whatever you are offering.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


Anonymous said...


I'm finding the font a little large to read comfortably. Like the energy today though...

steven edward streight said...

I will fix it shortly.

I don't know why the template calls for such large type.

Have you seen Evan Williams Evhead blog lately? It has huge jumbo font, and I have no idea why.

Does anyone?

Ultimately, Vaspers the Grate will be blog embedded in a website. I'm working on the Vaspers Web Site now.

carrie said...

sometimes when i come to this page, it has only a red background with blue type and that is hard to read. the white and grey are not showing. only sometimes. strange. blogger's been acting up all day, anyway.

steven edward streight said...

I just did a post on some of the crazy, never before seen problems I've been having the past few days with Blogger, Firefox, and the internet or Insight BB or my LAN or whatever.

I spent a lot of time tweaking this new template, then today all the colors are different.

I can't read my own blog. It's horrid. I will change the background to white and wait. I'll see if I can find any info on what's going on. Very weird.

carrie said...

yes. interesting. and now i see that you've changed browsers. i'll look into that. darned internet. it's so frustrating when it doesn't work the way it should. i have ants that must be living in my laptop. can't find much info about that on the internet, either.

steven edward streight said...

I can't wait for the new breed of search engine that's emerging. We need Answer Engines, where you simply ask a question and get a list of expert answers.

Like "what is the difference between text and speech philosophically?"

And you'd get "according to Lacan..", "Derrida states that...", "Poe said....", "Mallarme's glaring white page symbolizes his feeling that..."

...results like that.

For "What's wrong with the internet?" or "...with Firefox" or "...with Blogger/Blogspot", you get a list of breaking news about problems of the moment.

I need to buy "Google Hacks" I suppose.