Tuesday, February 14, 2006

for whom the hell tolls

Mean old Vaspers the Grate,
scourge of the pseudosphere,
is battling against blog toilets.

Anyone care to join me?

♥Einsterzende Naubauten concert film "Perpetuum Mobile"
Ambassador 21
Aaron Spectre's "Life We Promote".

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Zafufilia said...

I love Einsturzende Neubatten! Blixa Bargeld also plays with Nick Cave, another favorite of mine.

steven edward streight said...

Zaf: I think this video is superb, one long 18 minute song that is very similar to what my old band Camouflage Danse was like, very similar.

I about freaked when I saw this. I had a couple EN albums way back in the day.

Nick Cave is from the Birthday Party, whose Prayers On Fire is a classic early punk album.

Haven't heard much from the Bad Seeds tho.