Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Blood

What do people hate the most about me?

They hate my eternal war on what I think is wrong with this saha world (buddhist term meaning realm of insubstants and self-immolation).

I get more hate mail on my posts about "Dangers of Personal Blogging" and "Baby Blogging is Killing the Blogosphere", than anything else. [Type those words into Search This Blog.]

Why is that?

Why would "Jim Turner"

[see his comment #1 under my "baby blogging is killing the blogosphere" and my response to a very disturbing comment, if you believe in protecting our children and girls]

turn against me and act like my sex life was no good, since I'm storming like a seer against a societal evil?

Or did he mean to say that the predators themselves "need some action"?

Either way, is this the proper, ethical, humane response to my warning about posting photos of children?

Do you see why I post such declarations as "you can leave now"?

See why I deliberately rave about abandoned blogs like Southern At Heart? At least they are real. A snapshot, a frozen text + image portrait of some actual human. She's pretty. She's typical. She's a good blogger. I miss her.

I don't even know if she's alive, or happy, or dating anybody, or in the Army.

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