Wednesday, February 08, 2006

fast feed scraping with Awasu

Awasu syndication feed reader has some special features that I will now unveil as a prelim user report.

I was at Esther Dyson site:

Like almos tall web surfers and net users, I was hungry, achey, and in A Big Awful Hurry. I wanted to subscribe to the feed for this, because it looked like a web page, and not a frequently updated blog to blogroll. I felt groggy. Bad geek neck. Typical user taxonomy.

I could not find an XML button anywhere, but--and I must repeat...and you must remember, because your readers are often like this, too--hungry was I, and also in a big freaking hurry, as always.

Bit Torrent starts licensing program to keep malware at bay. Google and Dell teaming up to bundle software. Microsoft gaming chief discusses player-driven experience. Gmail gets Google Talk integration. Internet job hunt may have just gotten harder. [ARS TECHNICA]

That's what two browser bubbles, no three now, four, five, alerted me to as I typed this post. Bubble-ups from Awasu. I like it so far. So, as I blog, I also passively monitor updates on web sites I subscribe to, even if they don't have feeds displayed.

Anyway, I tried an experiment, on the fly.

Avant Browser 's built-in RSS reader was unable to find a content syndication feed at Esther Dyson.

But Awasu did.

Way to go Japan!

It either found a feed, or it created on by interpreting various data on the site.

Does Awasu have a module that generates syndication code from CMS files? that can build feeds from HTML documentation extracted from the site?

I'm looking into this question right now, with my trusty....

[Saxophone sound: BlogPulse Top Posts update just came in.]

...Hacking RSS and Atom by Leslie M. Orchard.

So I now will be getting alerts on every new addition, every update, every substantial change that occurs at Esther Dyson site.

I once again recommend my Japanese RSS/Atom feed reader companion: Awasu.


rodolp s said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words :-)

Awasu can retrieve content from anywhere at all. If the data is XML or available via SOAP, you can use Awasu's feed processing features to generate a feed.

Alternatively, plugins can be used to retrieve information from other data sources.

If you've got any other questions, please feel free to drop by the forums and have a chat there :-)

And BTW, that sound is not a saxophone, it's a shakuhachi :-)

Taka (lead developer)

steven edward streight said...

Taka, Awasu lead dev:

You are so kind to take a moment to visit my blog and post a comment.

I am very impressed with Awasu. It's exciting to watch it scrape a site, it makes you feel powerful and very technically savvy.

I have no complaints so far. Nice UI, too. High usability and speed.

Good work, Taka.