Sunday, February 12, 2006

/exit\ strategy

/exit\ strategy

when the blog is obsolete

I want to be already, not some day,
but now, be beyond all-readiness

how to fade off into the next thing?

to say goodbye and leaf behind a residue
of thought war and weepings
of silences and sleepings
and untidy creepings

I know not how long this will become
all I know for sure is I am young
and now that my time travel has been reversed
and I'm ageing backward into foetus instead of senility
growing younger and younger every minute
on down to pre-Form murkiness prior to womb
when I was an Idea, waiting to become Born As Man!

This whole entire blog, all along, has not been about blogs. Blogs have been a metaphor. My sincere Trained Ones, those elite Other Thans, they know. They see a thousand events in one aside I espouse like a gutter train full of filthy beauty that rattles empty cages of subsidiary issues like so much sludge.

And what shall I say about my private secret squad of disloyalist do-gooders, the Other Thans?

They will ponder the exit that I make, and they will dream of slippery complexities unencumbered by myth. They will stand aghast at the dilapidated debris, the structural swirlings into death, the big game. In the cunning huntsmanship of stalking the great demise, one pounces on the death of all things and forces this universal morgue to kiss the ground of all being, suffocating it in unity of imaginable, thus inevitable, treasure.

Imaginable, thus inevitable.

From platform to platform we move informationally. I shall vanish into the gleam I see before me. We humans went from smoke signals to interplanetary internets in less time than it took for a snail to form a sail.

From smoke signals, hieroglyphics, postcards, morse code, telegrams, the virginity of the space opened up by the unwritten page, as my mentor Jacques Derrida was fond of saying. The blank page we revolted against, and turned into blog zombies, blabbering about all sorts of nonsense.

I seek that next thing now. Find it or make it. I want to bypass the Commodity Internet, plant a massive multi-media blogoid cluster site on Internet2 oasis pad.

Then operate a site, in conjunction with NASA, that will help astronauts communicate real time with loved ones on other planets like Mars and Earth. The orbital Mars satellite systems, now that's a blog host with the most.

I wish to communicate with...let's just say those who are already 50 to 50 million years into the future. It's happening, people who are not yet born have already died and are telling us what to do. {whisptrans 5} to [whisper-transmission D.d7]

My robo-poetics are painfully clear.


carrie said...

beautifully composed

steven edward streight said...

You really are my better half blogistically, my blogo-sister.

Thanks for your loyal policing of my blogs, every blog I've ever had almost, you post helpful remarks, inspiring thoughts, kind encouragement, good ideas, funny observations, and an Always On Always Unique p.o.v.

carrie said...

well, i thank you for all the hard work you put into your blogging.
it shows and it's what keeps me coming back.

Anonymous said...

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