Friday, February 03, 2006

Edelman, Decent Marketing join Best & Bizarre

Richard Edelman and Katherine Stone of Decent Marketing have joined the groove-train of my most preposterous project ever: Best & Bizarre of the Blogosphere.

Edelman is perhaps the most respected, and emulated, of all business blogs. I know I consider it to be the real, authentic representation of the intersection of firm ethical standard propagation and revelatory mind-share/market research insight style corporate promotions.

Showering customers with tons of valuable, actionable information, trends forecasts, and personal expertise pronouncements, this is how today's consultant in any industry is gaining an online community of beta testers, critics, couches, and champions.

Katherine Stone's blog Decent Marketing

is one of my first discoveries long ago, and she remains a valued colleague and ally. She is one of the few who took up my crusade against the "Don't Worry, Be Crappy" school of "ship shoddy, but ship first" marketing, that laughs at consumer suckers and issues upgrade packages and bug fixes in 2.0 versions later, at their leisure, to mollycoddle the saps.

She consistently blogs on how corporations and small businesses can win sure and lasting victories in the marketplace, in the hearts and minds, only by ruthlessly firm ethical practices and moral superiority based on genuine altruism and brilliant marketing benevolence, thrilling customers with Seth Godin-ish Astonishing Products.

Good organizational morals + Astonishing Product Benevolence = Billionaires

I want my book to show the best thinking of the blogosphere, thus pushing us all along with collective wisdom from our peers and ourselves.

Then I'll add the "Bizarre" for comic relief and entertainment value: like The World' Dullest Blog, The Home Depot Bet Blog, Dracula Blogged, Pigeon Surveillance blogs, Reverse Journal blogs, Unblogs, and more. Nothing you'd be uncomfortable associating with, nothing sleazy, malicious, or unseemly.

There really are tons of strange blogs and blog apps out there. How many bloggers are in prison? In Antarctica? In outer space? In mental asylums? In sweat shops? In hidden hideaways?

Vaspers wants to share his secret blogging practices, weird blogs he's seen, and whatever weird junk you can provide to me.

You also can be part of this accidentally prestigious project. Try to remember one sentence or an entire essay that you made up...and everybody loved it.

What post in your blog got the most comments last year? Give me that one. That'll do. Unless your 20,000 daily readers are brain dead lemmings following each other over your cliffs and hiding in your clefts.

What topic are you insanely passionate about right this second? Dash off some profound observation or theory on it. Email it to me.

I'll take weird photos, one-liners, definitions, essays, tomes, inventions, innovative stylistic methodologies, visions of the Future Blogosphere, insights from your experiments and pioneering explorations. Whatever you can muster or rustle up.


I'm doing YOU a favor already: forcing you to think so deeply about your blog and your relationship to your audience. I'm inspiring you to touch and glimmer with your true essential intrinsic blogophilic nature deep inside the bottom floor of the descending dungeon of your dimmest inner soul.

You humble and flatter me by asking me to choose your best post, trusting in my feeble judgment and insatiable curiosity. Are you sending me to your Archives to get rid of me for a while? Hoping I'll get lost in essay ecstasy, giving the blogosphere freedom to breathe easily for once?

Don't tell me you have no idea why your readers love your blog. You have stats. You do analysis. You daydream about your blog popularity and progress.

Just challenging you to think what your best blogospheric statement was, isn't that a unique kindness I have performed for you? Yeah. It stills floors me too. It's scary to think that my best moment was merely a flipping dictionary, my supposedly public secret Vaspers Vocabulary.

BatesLine blog calls it "all the words you never knew you needed to talk about the blogosphere", and he's right. It seems to be almost all the neologisms anyone could ever hope to be inflicted with and asked to memorize.

[stevened] signed streight vaspers aka the Edwardian Grate

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Kami Huyse, APR said...

I think I might be more comfortable looking for bizare stuff (ha-ha) than thinking about my most inspired moment. Sometimes, as you have said, my best moments are in comments. Oh, and only in my dreams will I ever have 20,000 readers a day. I topped 100 last week on my post askiung people to guess how many PR feeds there would be by the end of the year, which you didn't do :-),k so I guess it wasn't that good.