Monday, February 06, 2006

Domination Systems always "right and good"

Domination Systems support and enlist moral warriors, in order to appear to be ethically justified.

"We are in power, but we are benevolent, just like our good friends the [noble cause] crusaders." is a lie.

Goodness by association is an arrogantly assumed superiority that does not exist, and only reinforces the public perception of the depravity they seek to conceal.

"We are in power, and we support moral initiatives" is a joke.

Their power is suspect and dwindling due to the Universal Democracy and Blog Revolutions.

Their public image of siding with moral conservatives against Hellywood, abortion, liberals, diversity-perversity, pacifism, protest, radicalization, anti-WTO "anarchists", etc. is a hypocritical front to mask their secret but well-documented demoralized immorality.

A common ruse for a scoundrel is to wrap himself in a flag, clutch a sacred book, weep for the poor from the safety of a castle, or pass laws against vices he's not addicted to.

Look for Domination Systems to foster conflict, and partition the people into "deeply divided" hostile camps, as though we were fighting each other, to try to deflect our growing and overwhelming insurgency against their thinly veiled hegemony.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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