Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Disgruntled Car Salesman abandons blog

I have only recently wondered about blogging as an activity.

I have never questioned my own blogging, until recently. I am frustrated with crashing browsers (Firefox is pure shit right now, and other tech people agree with me, see Tech Republic Blog). I am frustrated with limitations of Blogger, WordPress, JotSpot, and other blog/wiki/web site solutions.

I have decided to build an interactive web site, and embed my Blogger blogs within it. This is a long-term project, in the midst of other more pressing projects. Zafu: Vaspers Village is on temporary hiatus, but VTG shall continue, despite problems.

Sadly, other bloggers are going the route of taking a break. Of uncertain duration.

I just discovered, as I made my Reciprocal and Promotional Comment Posting rounds, which I call a CoPoBlitz, that my friend and ally Disgruntled Car Salesman has abandoned his blog, deleted all posts, and has only a "Sabatical" announcement, with comments from freinds and enemies.

I feel so bad. I had not kept up with the apparently mind-blowing controversies and blogocombat that must have been going on over there.

I keep thinking, I could've helped my comrade in arms. I, the Invincible Blogocombat Warrior, could have clobbered his detractors. But I didn't know. I don't feel so good today.


I regret to inform all visitors, readers, bloggers, friends, foes and DCS faithful that I will be taking a sabbatical of undetermined length at this time. While this blog is a wonderful venue for me to express my thoughts about current events, I find it in the best interest of my financial and mental health to take a break from this hobby at this given time. I appreciate any kind words and thoughts that you may have regarding my decision. Any nay-sayers can go pound sand. Feel free to explore linked sites and my archives. See you around...



MARYBETH said...


I'm the first to admit mental and financial health comes before everything else,



goes against the very fiber of VTG BLOGOLOGICAL ETHICS!!!!!

YOU WROTE THEM for crying out loud!


Reduce your BLOG LOAD

downsize to just one
the other 2 zillion will still be out there

take a break


Recombobulate your disco

admit your cup is half empty then click your heels three times and know

RUN from the face of Danger
Turn around and Run RIGHT BACK OVER IT!

Take vitamins

Drink more water

get daily exercise

Don't Make MOUTNTAINS out of MoleHills
See MOLE HILLS for what they are-
a vast subversive, undergroud interne,t for large, fat hairy, RODENTS



QUITTING SIMPLY is not an option


steven edward streight said...


I never said that *I* was going to "quit blogging". I merely expressed some frustrations about the limits of blog software, and the annoyance of stupid Firefox crashing every 5 minutes.

My geek neck is really bad, but I blog on. I may just "blog my head off" literally. Wouldn't that be astonishing? To actually have my head, full of dreams and disillusions, fall clean off my neck?

Beheading does not "terrorize" me. I laughed at the terrorist beheading videos. Those Islamo fascists have no clue how gory our HellyWood moviews are.

No, I won't quit.

I have too many terrorists and online predators and pseudo-blogs to terrify with my almighty words.


Zafufilia said...

Yup, I noticed a while back that DCS was taking a break. Too bad. He has good presence and writes well.

MARYBETH said...

Dear Vaspers,


Beefy, Blundering , Bloopers of the Blogosphere Batman!

I goofed =/

Rushing through my fav blog's lead to a MAJOR ERROR in comprehension.

I give you permission to enter this in your collection of


Me thinks the Disgruntled Car Salesman could have used some VTG insight.
If my memory serves me correctly
(fat chance of that)
DCS used an icon featuring a cartoon and a gun
Very poor choice in today's world-Just ask Dick Cheney


PS I hope you saw Oprah today.
It validated so much of what you have expressed in the past regarding Internet predators. You are so right on. Check out her web site if you missed it.

steven edward streight said...

Girl, you are posting some kick butt rich relevant comments here on the little blog of VTG.

What did I do to deserve such royal treatment?

You may have too many baby photos on your blog, but perhaps mama has a big machete to chop chop chop any online predators. No?

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I was called by Shel Israel "our voice of conscience" re: Naked Conversations.

Well, you are my "voice of conscience" here at VTG.

Thanks for being my ally. Will check that Oprah site tomorrow.

Blog Host said...

Your blog is what blogging is all about. Good job.

steven edward streight said...

Blog Host:

Thanks for the compliment.

Now explain to me, please, why you disallow public access to your Blogger Profile?

Hate to say, but "Blog Host" sounds spammy, so I expected to find an anonymous blogger with a link farm.

But, instead, I discover an inaccessible profile.