Tuesday, February 14, 2006

definition of blog expert at TBBC

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What's a blogging expert?

Here's how Adriana Cronin-Lukas describes the blog pros needed for The Big Blog Company.


Two ‘blogging experts’ i.e. people with considerable blogging experience of their own and with understanding of the blogosphere, with its network and social dimension.

  1. The focus is on communications and interaction as relevant to businesses and their audiences rather than just blogging. We need bloggers who would like to make a living from their experience of running their own blog and interacting with other bloggers. The job is not writing and blogging for clients but demonstrating and explaining the practice and to some extent the theory behind the dynamics of the blogosphere to them and assisting them with applications of that to their businesses.
  2. Technology skills are welcome but people skills are more important. We supply much of the knowledge, so there will be much to take in at the start. The Big Blog Company has extensive experience in promoting blogging in the UK and we have developed several principles that are the core of our expertise. Of course, own input is welcome and an open mind essential.
  3. The ‘blogging experts’ would work on development of new services as well as on particular projects and be integral part of the company. The job comes with a monthly retainer as we will need continuous focus on development and looking after clients. For more specific and clearly defined projects, there will be payment on top of the retainer to be agreed on a case per case basis as we need to have flexibility to price projects strategically rather than be locked to a particular formula.

A few practical conditions for potential candidates:
  • need to be articulate, be able to present and deal with clients (i.e. patient)
  • have their own blog(s), or familiar with running one, for at least a year
  • based in London

If you live in London, they're also looking for a code assistant. Visit TBBC and see the whole spec sheet.

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