Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cyber war against blogs: server attack example

If you hurry, you may still be able to see it. See what? See what happens when a blog is under attack from cyber-vandals, that's what. This time, it's a server attack. Which probably means that enemies are flooding the server with abusive comments, and other attacks against the blogger, with whom they disagree.

Ever happen to you? Of course not. Why? Because you don't run a political blog.Our political blog brothers and sisters have to deal with far more problems than most personal and business bloggers. Let's remember them today in their crises.

FACTS: American VP Dick Cheney gets drunk (maybe? not confirmed yet) and shoots a lawyer in the face. This alone is amazing, since don't politicians and corporate managers usually stab people in the back?

REACTION: Anti-Bush Administration web users post hateful comments, attempting to flood servers, on Right Wing political blogs. The Left Wingers attempt to counter the Republicans' defense of VP Dick Cheney, and to point out how Clinton Administration did much worse things.

RESULT: Servers at some Right Wing blogs are down.

PROOF: Go see Blogs for Bush

You will see the following today:

(1) "NOTE: Comments will be on and off today in response to attacks on our server."

(2) "BLOGROLL: Temporarily unavailable."

(3) "ALLIES (sidebar link list under BLOGROLL): Temporarily unavailable."

MORAL: Be glad you're not a political blogger. You're at the mercy of news reports that affect how web surfers treat your blog and server.


Chris Ritke said...

The best thing on Blogs for Bush is the ad for

'Tired of Dating Liberals? I can't date another liberal guy!'

I knew it. There was something really important that was missing on the Internet.

steven edward streight said...

Chris: you are another very funny comment poster. Why do you favor my little VTG blog with so many comments? I'm very pleased having you pop in and out of lurkerdom!

Yeah. Liberal Guys, who needs em?

I will never date a Liberal Guy. Or is it Liberace guy? I'm cornfused.

This is why I don't take sides in politics. I hate em all, all politicians and all political parties: left, right, upside down.

Government is an Illusion, a Myth, and an Unnecessary Evil.

I have a fully worked out theory of why government and politics are totally unreal, bizarre, and not needed.

"What?" do we revert to savages?

Ha ha, no. The machines won't let us do that.