Wednesday, February 15, 2006

comment blitzing to generate comments

No comments at your blog? That's easy to fix.

[EDIT UPDATE (re: Zafu comment): assuming other aspects of your blog are in good shape, like usability, accessibility, posting frequency, credibility characteristics, etc.]

Let's first understand that you should not blog just to accumulate tons of comments. Quality means more than quantity. I don't really want to see 35 to 684 comments on every post I write. Especially if the comments were just "I agree" or "nice design" or "you rock".

I'd rather have one good comment for every 30 posts I publish, than 30 boring, off topic, or flattering comments for every post. And I'm weird I guess, but I prefer criticism to praise. I don't grow or learn with compliments. It's only criticism, negative comments, hatred, challenge that can teach me anything.

I already know my single strong point: I'm an okay scribbler.

Now, I want to hear about my weak points.

How about you? Would huge numbers of comments make you feel...well..."popular"? More "authoritative"? More "important" as a blogger?

There is only one reason why a Hardcore Blogger would like seeing comments on her posts: the comments enrich the discussion, enlighten the blogger, and educate the readers of your blog.

So, now that you have the proper perspective on blog comments, how can you attract more for your blog? By doing what you do on your blog, but doing it at other blogs. In other words: deposit really smart, relevant, interesting comments at other blogs.

How to do a Comment Blitz:

Comment Posting: publishing your thoughts and opinions at other blogs.

Blitz: overwhelming assault or activity that quickly accomplishes a goal; striking so fast, people wonder what hit them.

(1) Visit blogs on your blogroll, in your feeds, or bookmarked favorites list.

(2) Quickly scan each blog to determine which recent posts deal with some topic you're interested in and can contribute to.

(3) Click-select "Add Comment" or similarly worded function.

(4) Enter an intelligent remark, a nice compliment, or a friendly question.

(5) Be sure to embed your blog URL in the comment form, which generally will make your name (comment posted by...) a link to your blog.

(6) Avoid mentioning your blog or any post at it, unless extremely relevant and urgent to the topic thread. "Post URL Promotion", even though recommended by Blogger, is something I'm against. It looks spammy. Like you're using another person's blog to advertise your blog.

(7) If your comment is clever, on topic, and well written, it will get noticed by the blog author first, and by other commenters secondly. Hope for the best.

(8) Keep track, on a piece of paper or index card, of how many blogs you can visit and post comments on per day.

(9) Don't be shocked if the blogger emails you and expresses appreciation for your comment. Be sure to respond quickly to the blog author, or any of his readers, who show up at your blog.

I think we should spend a certain amount of time each week at least, visiting other blogs and posting comments at them. This makes the blogosphere strong and healthy.

For example, yesterday and today I posted comments at the following blogs:

* Origin of Brands (Laura Ries)
* CyberGal
* Gaping Void
* Tom Peters!
* Joi Ito
* Tinbasher
* Lipsticking
* Ensight
* Communication Overtones (Kami Huyse)
* Decent Marketing
* Naked Conversations
* The Blog Herald
* Dvorak Uncensored
* Crossroads Dispatches
* Blog Write for CEOs
* Painting Angels
* John Battelle Search Blog
* Carrie Snell
* Blog Business Summit
* Tech Republic
* Constantin Basturea
* Bob Bly
* Alas, a Blog
* O'Reilly Network Blogs: Kurt Cagle
* Diva Marketing (Toby Bloomberg)
* Peter Merholz
* Radiant Marketing (The Blog Coach)
* JOHO the Blog
* Business Pundit
* Southern At Heart
* Feminist Blogs
* What's Your Brand Mantra? (Jennifer Rice)
* Disgruntled Car Salesman

...and few others I forget just now. It all happens so...quickly!

I hope you get all the comments you can humanly handle...soon!Send Me A Message


Zafufilia said...

No. This technique does not work. I will guarantee that it doesn't. Ask me in several days how many new comments my blog has received since now.

steven edward streight said...

Is your blog active? I thought you took a leave of absence. If it is active, I'll blogroll it again.

This only works if you also do some other things. This Blitz is not the only thing one must do.

I suggest that the blog has to also be frequently updated with fresh, relevant, rare content, too.

Plus, other usability and credibility factors.

Zafufilia said...

Are you implying my content is not rare? Or usable? Or credible? The nerve, sir!

Yes. My blog is active again. I forgot to announce that.

You know, it's kind of annoying to not have your friends give you any credit on your own projects. Actually, what do I care? My blog can probably best be described as a writing exercise anyway. Meh...

I think that, much as DCS is taking a break from blogging, I am going to take a break from commenting at my blog acquaintances' blogs. From now on I only comment on Luis David's blog, as he is the only person who consistently shows any interest in what's going on in my world.

Eat cacti and call a doctor, all you neglecters!

Kami Huyse, APR said...

Instead of writing them on paper, tag them mycomments or comments at delicious, that way you can easily go back and check up on your comments, if anyone commented on your comments and it is WAY easier than scribbling on paper, right clicks are fun.

steven edward streight said...

I would have visited your blog, and deposited comments at it, had I known you re-started it. Nobody tells me anything. I'm always out of the loop.

No, I'm not casting any aspersions on your blog, but all blogs can be improved, and I think that when my blog goes without any comments for a while, I think I'm doing something wrong.

I don't blame my readers.

That's my personal slant on it. But no one has the Ultimate Say in things bloggy, since we're all pioneers, working together, as a blogospheric family.

carrie said...

hey, zafu....

i have often wondered if you wanted people to know about your blog because you frequently have not linked to it when you comment here or at my blog.

i wanted to add your blog to my blogroll, but wasn't sure that you want people to know about it.

so, if you don't mind... i'd like to link to you.

JohnnyB said...

Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words on my Blog. I read through yours. I like the thing. Funny, I put in "Happy vs Depressed" and Happy overwhelmingly beat depressed by about a 50 to 1 ratio. Ah...There's hope after all.
Peabody, MA