Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Closer to Customers = Closer to Sales

The beauty of a business, corporate, or CEO blog, one that faces and interacts with the public, is this:

It can bring you and your end-users, your customers or clients, closer together.

While almost everything else is erecting bureaucratic barriers or mountains of marketing stats and forecasts, wanton walls of self-willed wonderings, between you and your lifeblood, the customers... comes the unextravagant, bare-boned, lowly little blog.

A simple, easily self-managed, mini-website to Save The Day.

And Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Business Person in any field or industry or specialty service: when you get closer to the heart of your customers, you get closer to truly satisfying them, in ways they themselves never hoped to dream of, and this opens up wallets and makes cash registers ring like a choir of angels chirping like celestial birds.

Not "marketing manipulation".

Not "hyper hype" or "aeliological hypnosis".

Not "hard sell" or "emotional intensity emulations".


Just a casual, sometimes meandering, but always sales savvy, conversation with other people, who may be so impressed with your wisdom, personality, inventiveness, originality, candor, and compassionate care...they might like to sample your goods too.

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