Thursday, February 09, 2006

blogs for world cooperation

Blogs have connected us all in a new way. Blogs level the communication playing field, so that Every Blog Voice is Created Equal (though they differ in quality, link pop, and traffic).

The Blogosphere is a De-centralized Anti-Domination System. It stands wild and free, like the mountains of Afghanistan, Australia, Alpines, Alaska, Anarctica.

Univeral is this blogosphere in which we freely participate...with no "banned, censored" words or cartoons. This blogosphere is full of languages and cultures.

In the blogosphere, we are one.

Now we must learn what the intimate global one world village really means.

It means "No Domination Systems." Nobody saying what we can or cannot draw cartoons of. No repression of art. No saying, "You make fun of that, and we'll kill you."

If you burn an effigy of President Bush, and kill people who read Bibles and Buddhist texts...

...why should I respect Mohammed?

When will Islamo-Fascists ever respect Women, Children, Education, Democracy, Freedom, Diversity.

Diversity, thy name art Hyberbolic Hypocrisy.

"Respect my faith, while I kill members of your faith", is this their command, these thugs of Islamo-Fascism?

Art can make fun of any religious, political, or Hollywood icon. Who cares? If a mockery of Buddha offends you, buzz off. If you love Buddha, or Allah, or Jah, you won't be murderously, rampagingly violent when someone pokes fun at your idol or god or lord.

Burn an American flag, patriots get angry. But they don't riot, loot, rape, burn, kill, and bully those who burn flags. We Americans are cool. We let you burn stuff. Saturday Night Live makes fun of everyone and everything. That's democracy.

Humans crave freedom, not politics.

Humans crave goodness, not misery.

Terrorists are the paranoid ones, hiding identities behind scarves, cowards with covered faces...while brave citizens march off to vote and come home with a Purple Finger of Democracy Revolution.

You're either for Free Expression or for Mind Control.

There is no in between.

You either blog against Domination Systems of every stripe and brand, or you go along with some version of Psycho-Christian Crusader, Rabid White Supremacists, Murderous Islamo-Fascists, Militant Communists, Internationalists, or some other cult, sooner or later.

No domination by USA, Communism, Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Scientology, Wicca, Baptists, Quakers, Jains, Republicans, Geeks, Anarchists, or any other group.

Blogs are inherently Anti-Totalitarian.

I write what I want, you make any comment you want. No one has a right to censor or suppress a fellow human being...not in the name of Allah, Jehovah, or Jah.

Let's learn more about the good points of Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Vedanta, Tao, Zen, and other faiths that dignify people and teach us to love one another.

No matter what cartoon is drawn.

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carrie said...

reminds me of the buddhist saying, "if you meet the buddha, kill him"