Monday, February 06, 2006

BlogPulse Live is up now

Like many other tech bloggers, I've been exploring BlogPulse from IntelliSeek.

Now they have BlogPulse Live, a near real-time graph depiction of Large Topic Trends in the blogosphere, how much bloggers are blogging about specific topic areas. Check it out.


What is BlogPulse Live?

BlogPulse Live provides a real-time view of the most popular topics that bloggers are writing about, updated by the minute and presented as a percentage of all blog posts.

The numbers across the top represent Eastern Time. BlogPulse Live captures new blog entries as they’re published.

Text-mining and text-analysis technologies then categorize the posts into key subject areas, such as "Diaries" (personal journals), "Politics," "Movies/TV," "Technology," "Sports," "Health," "Religion," "Meme," "Food" and more.

The scale is logarithmic; the only way to feature all of the trends in a single graph is via a logarithmic scale of absolute counts.

Check back frequently to see how blog discussion changes from minute to minute, hour to hour or in reaction to major news events.