Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blogging is a revolutionary act

When we consider the nature and impact of blogging, we see that both books and blogs are subversive to rigid centralized control and illegitimate Domination Systems.

Blogging is a purely revolutionary act.

By writing and publishing a blog post (entry), you are saying, "I have a voice and the right to speak my mind."

You display your thoughts, sounds, images to a global audience. As famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld stated in a PBS interviewer with Charlie Rose, every person on earth now has equal access to the same information and data.

Aside from repressive regime restrictions, the internet is a universal communication system.

Every time you enter a new post to your blog, you are advancing the cause of liberty, the rights of man, the world wide democracy movement. Spearheaded by people of all faiths and tribes, the global democracy revolution is invading all corners of the globe.

Even if you just blog about your gardening hobby, you cast another vote for Free Expression each time you post or leave a comment at another person's blog.

A blogger is a benevolent peaceful high-tech Revolutionist for Freedom.

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