Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogger mess, new blog tools

By now you should all know the blogo-buzz about Blogger. They are so screwed up, you can barely publish a post. Who knows if this will go through? Blogger template files must be corrupted. Huge probs.

Even my Easy Web Stat "visitors online counter" is not functioning. I hate that! (They have probs of their own from time to time, but are gen reli.)

It's like someone turned off the lights. When I come to my blog, and can't tell how many dear readers are on board with me, it's like entering a dark room. I feel disconnected from you.

Massive Blogger problems and serious trouble, folks.

Scheduled outage a 7PM PST. Hope they fix everything. It's been a nightmare doing any template work. And a huge chunk of Quality Blogging involves template tweaking (TT). You have to be pretty ungeeked out to *not* do any TT.

I dumped Blog Core Values into a new template. Wrong time to do so. When I republished, the template and content were fine, except there were no comments, timestamps, etc. Just text, heads, lists, and divisions. Nothing else.

Boy, did I pick a bad time to do blog springcleaning chores. I'm about to get me a Post & Template Editor and see how that works, even though it can't help what's wrong with Blogger server, etc.

Let me squeak this out here: If anybody has experience with any of the following, or better ideas, let me know:

* w. bloggar: Post & Template Editor

* Cubic Eye: 3D web page display Browser

* Rapid Browser XP: broadband, IM, MP3, streaming video integration

* Super Bot: save sites to hd to view updates offline

* Copernic Meta v1.7.5 : simul-query multi-SE, newsgroups, email directories.

* FTP Explorer

* Crazy Browser v1.05

* SurfSaver v6.0

I am currently test driving:

* Audacity audio editor

* Avant Browser

* Awasu RSS/Atom feed poller-aggregator/reader (Japan)

So far, all three are superb.

NEW: I will be listing successful software tools, recommended dls, in a Blog Tools subhead of my sidebar. Right now I have a Mark Pilgrim e-book on Python, and a Python dl in there. Watch for more soon.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


Anonymous said...

What a crappy blog. Phew. Stupid egomaniac, do you think somebody reads this crap?

steven edward streight said...

Thanks for the information.

carrie said...

pffft. if anon looked at yer sitemeter.....

steven edward streight said...

Shhhhhhh, Carrie, shhhhhhhhhhh.

Please don't frighten the brave geek master anon comments.

I don't get enough negative comments here, so I have to enjoy what few I get. Don't ruin the moment, let me cherish it.

I wish people would someday believe me: I love negcom.

carrie said...

that's cuz you are a stupid egomaniac!!!!!

it kills me to say

steven edward streight said...

Not only, but also a bluggy wreckless mess. I'm full of silver diodes and platinum numbskillings.