Saturday, February 04, 2006

Blogger, Firefox, internet problems

The past few days I've experienced bad problems with Blogger, Firefox, and the internet in general.

I'm using Avant Browser

to access my blogs, create this post, and later, to try to fix the crazy rendering, cache, or whatever problems are occuring here.

Avant Browser claims to be "the fastest browser on earth".

I think it probably is.

It also has a Fastclick Killer, pop-up blocker, that swiftly slaughters those annoying intrusions in your computing tasks. Even the banner ad above my poll when you click View Results, even that banner ad is gone. Firefox didn't block that one.

Blogger Problems

Why is Vaspers the Grate impossible to read all of a sudden? Where did these bad colors and template wrecks come from?

Blogger has been having technical difficulties for a couple days. When I'd try to publish some new post or a template change, I'd get strange error messages, requesting that I "re-publish in 10 minutes".

When attempting to view my blogs, the server kept timing out. Blogger's a mess.

Firefox Problems

Firefox, since I upgraded, is crashing every 10 or 20 minutes, for two days now. It crashes under a variety of task loads, with no commonality in the cases.

Firefox browser now is so worthless, I've switched to Avant Browser.

Avant Browser is faster than Firefox. Try it out.

Internet Problems

When downloading free legal MP3s from various web sites, or when downloading freeware like FireAnt video blog directory, I keep getting abends and corrupted files.

I'll try to fix whatever I can in this truly mysterious environment. Has anyone else noticed erratic behavior and specatular dysfunctions?

This blog looks like junk right now.


G. Randy Primm said...

i thot it wuz u.

whut i did 2 make it readabbil waz to copi ur template oflyne and change some html, from electrik blu on grape (gakk) to grey on grey, with a splash of grey. luukd gud.

bloggr wuz down for a day, unable to post, now my witty posts are timestamped in my mind and bear no relationship to reality. problum ther, i thik.

steven edward streight said...

what did Blogger do that would change the HTML in my template?

That's is unheard of and bizarre, but it happened.

You had to copy my template and change it, to make my blog readable?

That's real dedication. Thanks. Sorry. Cheers. Get my CD yet that I mailed you?

Which CD did I mail you?

steven edward streight said...

BTW, I would never use blue type on grape background.