Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blog sickness and Adobe bums

Blog sickness has been striking the blogosphere, and sometime it may affect you. It's already got its hooks in me, hate to say, but it's true.

I dumped Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values into some new design templates from Blogger. Now they both look like crap.

Why does Vaspers look all orange and crazy in my Avant Browser? Why does the text look tiny in Internet Explorer? Why does it look only slightly normal in Firefox? I'm getting sick of it all.

I'm starting to think that blogging software sucks. If you just want a standard template, and just want to type in journal entries for posts, it's probably okay to use WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, MT, Userland, LiveJournal, Xanga, whatever.

But if you want to really accomplish some marketing, business, or professional goals, you really have to have a full-blown web site, with an embedded blog.

Blog sickness is caused by experiencing various disappointments and trouble with blog hosts, servers, software limitations, "that's not what this site is about" type problems.

My blogs look so wretched and non-representative of what I'm trying to do, I'm about to call the blog experiment a colossal failure, at least in the technology of it.

Blogs are crap. There's no way around it.

A blog is just a scroll, a roll of toilet paper unravelling.

You may want to learn more HTML, and just build your own interactive web site. That's what I'm working on now, in addition to client work, music work, and maintaining all these insane blogs of mine.

Blogging is just typing words into space. I'm starting to see the desultory results of blogging now, the dregs, droops, and drudgeries involved.

But maybe it's the junk and garbage that passes for web browsers these days.

IE: too slow, too many vulnerabilities, clunky.

Firefox: keeps crashing, especially when I attempt to visit my Gmail inbox.

Avant: suddenly schizoid.

Netscape: you really want me to use this?

So, off I go to download a bunch of nutty sounding browsers, browsers my readers have never heard of, just so I can have a semi-decent view of the web. But my using more and more browsers, one crashes so I kick start another one, until it crashes, and I activate still another, this won't help my readers.

My readers: 29% Firefox, the rest are mainly IE.

I've got a freaking Adobe junk PDF file trapped in my Avant Browser. You know what happens when a stupid flipso Adobe PDF file gets stuck in your grandiose Avant Browser?

It means that you get nothing but full screen view, with no exit. No way to dredge up your Start menu in Windows.

See, the Adobe PDF reader screwed up. I could not find any way to close out the PDF file of Seth Godin's Squidoo manifesto. It left me orphaned, disabled all my browser chrome, so I could not get out.

I was in a mouse trap!

I had to manually turn off my computer, actually unplug it, which is not good for it. Adobe bums don't care about the end user. I hate anything that makes me unplug my computer just to turn the bastard off.

I'm a software beta-tester. I grapple with new software almost daily sometimes.

I know a few things about software interfaces. Apparently, I'm dumb when it comes to Adobe. But if I, who know a few things, and am not computer illiterate, get stuck, what about less proficient users?

Those bums at Adobe are always doing this. PDF is "unfit for human consumption" according to Jakob Nielsen, and I believe it.

Rotten navigation, browser crashing, this new Adobe Reader is pure, undiluted toiletware.

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Chris Ritke said...

I disagree with almost everything you say here - except for the Adobe PDF reader being horrible. That's right on the mark.

I spend hours checking everything I do in Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera on the Mac and PC. They all behave differently, that's true. But it's almost always the same thing: I've made a mistake in the html or the css or some Javascript or somewhere else. Yup. User error. (I actually can't think of a case where it wasn't me who made a mistake)

[surcrns - yeah, love those captchas!]

btw - does Avant have tabbed browsing or not? If not, then by definition: it's no good. If so: hey, I'll try it!

btw#2: What's wrong with Firefox crashing every couple of days? Just restart and off you go - you just lose the urls in the 20 tabs you had open!

steven edward streight said...

You know, Chris, that not flattery, but disagreement is the way to my heart.

Firefox is crashing every three minutes. I race like lightning through the web, snatching things with browsers that can't keep up with me.

For now, and for I know not how much longer, I can beat the machines. I type too fast for the browser to keep up with. I navigate too fast. I don't even do any background programs, I don't overburden virtual memory.

Or try not to.

I know how to keep the CPU happy, I hope.

In IE, Vaspers template is shoved over to the left side, causing a wider gap on the right, looks butt ugly.

The colors don't look right at all.

Blog Core Values is even worse. Many users complain violently against IE, and a common gripe is how the sidebars of blogs are shoved down to the bottom of the screen, thus appearing empty until you get to the bottom of however many posts you configured to appear on the main home index page of your blog.

Yes, Avant and most others have tabbed browsing, cascading windows, and other nifty organization systems.

Each person needs a browser they feel is the right "fit".

I have yet to find one, though I was happy with Firefox for a year, or more, until just the past few weeks. An upgrade. Oh, fudge.

Chris Ritke said...

Well, I do know where you're at. It's frustrating. It keeps you from going to bed at a reasonable time. It wakes you up at 5 in the morning from the sweatest dreams.

But whatever you do: don't stop blogging. I know I'll be amazed, get angry, laugh or have some other more or less extreme emotion when I see that orange star next to your Vaspers feed in my Thunderbird and read your newest post!

Back into lurk mode - jhzbpyc signing off!