Monday, February 06, 2006

blog ads suck

As I investigated a comment awaiting moderation, I searched sender name "cool gorilla".

The Googlemeister said there was post in the blog "iPod Observer". I traveled to that blog, and tried to figure out who "iPod Observer" and "cool gorilla" were.

This abruption is to tell you that I'm using the technique "transparent process" in forming this post.

Now I had two mysteries. But I never open email from unknown senders, no matter what the truncation says. So I had to decipher "cool gorilla" and "iPod Observer".

I knew I had recently posted something about a hypothetical post on reading RSS feeds in iPods. Kind of a stretch, but a possible magnet for spammers to hook up to.

So I scanned the "iPod Observer" blog, and quickly grew weary of all the ads. I was searfing (surf-searching, non-SE info foraging) for a Profile, About, Bio. I wanted affiliation tags, blogroll authentications, icon collusion, something to indicate the credibility and credentials. Repulsed by all the text ads, I abandoned my quest, and will soon delete the unopened "cool gorilla" email message. I don't have tiem to pulay gaymz.

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