Friday, February 17, 2006

Beyond blog comment isolation: CoComment

Turn your scattered blog comments into a unified conversation with CoComments.

Via Hugh McLeod via My Name is Kate.

I believe that CoComment, or something like it, is the next big thing for blogs after RSS/Atom syndication feeds.

You post comments. Lots of smart, funny, anger-arousing comments. At lots of blogs. But how do you keep track of your comments, and the replies to them, or at least, subsequent comments in the thread?

"Subscribe to replies" or "Subscribe to this comment thread" is a *mandatory* function that ALL blog should include in the comment posting field. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't offer that right now, as far as I know. What a huge opportunity.

CoComment is in Beta and By Invitation Only. But "my name is kate" blogger says go to the CoComment site and sign up. She got an invitation instantly.

Also, OT: see Kate's bizarre porn spam message at "Even a splogger".

4 comments: said...

Yes indeed as your post says, coComments:
"Turn your scattered blog comments into a unified conversation"

for a ride use any of this codes:
(first come, first served!)


and do let us know your comments and suggestions:

happy coCommenting! said...

Ahh! and one more thing, blogger works now with coComment, come and see here:

As you can see here:

Vaspers the Grate is present!


steven edward streight said...

I was graciously given an invitation code earlier today and already started it up.

I tried to use it on Scobleizer. Failed.

I'm having browser problems, so I was not overly shocked to see error messages:

(1) Cookies problem. Go to Preferences and enable cookies.

(2) Stack overflow at line 2

...resulting in the crash of IE or Firefox. I think it was IE.

It's probably, like I said, a browser problem.

carrie said...

nice picture!

my coComments is set up on my blog and already working. yeehaw!

thanks for the info...