Wednesday, February 08, 2006

best AV according to PC World

PC World review of Anti-Virus (AV) computer/network protection products:

#1 = BitDefender 9 Standard [92 rating: Superior]

#5 = Symantec Norton AV 2006

Best Freeware:

AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 6.32 [78 rating: Good]


G. Randy Primm said...

thak u for the cd.

we ar having listen to musik not yt, only small time. no theenkng yt.

ur html ok, brwsr not display white center coluum, clors wired.

electrik blu no gud, use grey.

u r 1 weered dude. dunt go awwy.

steven edward streight said...

Which CD did I send you? I do things so fast, most of it's a blur. What was that thing that just flew past my face? Oh, my hand, grabbing a blank CD to burn. Never mind. What CD by title?

What do you mean color wild? No white center column? What brower are you using Netscape? IE?

My most unfavorite part of all this is cross-browser compatibility. Shicco bicco man.

shicco bicco.