Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Awasu feed reader features

A feed aggregator/reader I'm enjoying lately is Awasu.

Since this is an official rowdy Unpaid (and Unsolicited) Opinion Blog--with a minor in Unbeholden Sourly Critical Reviews...

...I will report on both good and bad. So far, sho-phar: it's all good.

[QUOTE--from Awasu site]

If you're looking for something to read your favorite blogs and news channels with, Awasu is far and away one of your best choices.


It comes with:

* a modern and fully customizable user interface

* individually configurable channels

* different ways to let you know when new stuff [data, web content, blog post] arrives

* quick access to your favorite channels

* feed archiving and an advanced search engine.


You can also do more advanced things like:

* download your favorite podcasts

* integrate with blogging tools

* automatically keep your blogroll up-to-date

* take information from within Awasu and re-publish it

* keep different PC's in sync with each other.


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