Wednesday, February 08, 2006

About Page analysis

How do you know if a "webmaster" or "weblogger" association, service, product distributor, seminar provider, or other merchant, is truth telling?

How do you judge their professionalism?

Well, by their web site, of course. How else? Where the rubber meets the road, baby.

Let's examine, do a deconstructionist "close reading" here:

[QUOTE--StepWebz About page]

About us

StepWebZ is the premier provider of real-time news and online content solutions for webmasters and bloggers.


Provide webmasters and bloggers with all the tools they need to add, manage and enhance the content of their website or blog easily and effortlessly while offering new opportunities for publishers to promote and monetize their online content.


With the StepWebz tools (The StepTools) small and medium-size websites and weblogs have access to the same services as the big websites and portals, except for the price.

StepWebz provides webmasters and bloggers with inexpensive, fully-customizable, easy-to-use but yet professional content tools and Web tools that can be up and running in no time.

Our aim is to provide quality, easy-to-use, inexpensive and innovative content tools and Web tools that webmasters, content managers and bloggers can use to improve their audience's online experience, enhance overall website content, outsource content creation and delivering, drive traffic and adoption, increase loyalty, interactivity and stickiness, save time, money and resources...

The StepTools include content, feedback, community and RSS tools.


Two versions of the StepWebz tools are avaible. A BASIC version provides ad-supported content tools for free. Webmasters and bloggers looking for fully customizable, ad-free and advanced solutions are given the opportunity to subscribe to our PRO tools for a small fee. (See our prices)

Company is part of Coldbrook Business Corp, a privately held corporation backed by successful Web entrepreneurs. Coldbrook Business Corp also owns and runs, and

[END QUOTE--StepWebz About Page]

What do you think?

What's your opinion of the credibility and reliability of this site?

What's wrong with this About Page? Do you see the major errors and leakings? I do.

Who are they? No answer is given. "...backed by successful Web entrepreneurs" is worse than the worst corporate fluff.

That tiny fragment of text frightening. Anonymous business. No thanks. I put my real full name, email address, city, Skype name, and other sites, upfront on my blogs, to establish personal identity, credibility, and contactability.

The other major flaw: "inexpensive".

It should have said "non-nag Freeware".

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Rodolphe Sellier said...

Dear Steven,
We love to hear back from people who visited Even if they have complaint about our business. Believe me we do value your comment and we are doing our best to improve the quality of our site and services. You are totally right in what you said and we took it into account. Following your feedback we have made few changes to the site. We have:

1. Added our full head office address
2. Added a telephone number for US customers
3. Lowered the prices of our content tools

Thanks a lot for your constructive feedback.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss about Stepwebz.


Rodolphe Sellier