Friday, February 03, 2006

5 Tips on Editing a Post

Here are five suggested mandatory best practices to enforce upon all blog authors. Why? Because I said so that's why. [pathetic attempt at faux parody hubris]

After typing up your blog post draft, stop. Relax. Go rake some leaves, or walk to the record store. Come home. Stare like a hateful zombie at your post.

Now: Improve the writing, embed hypertext links where substantiation or examples are needed.

NEXT: Remove any trace of:

(1) Self-Assured Self-Promotion: Auto-Hyped Arrogance

(2) Weak Pleading for an Uncritical, Obligingly Ushered-in Victory for Your Opinion, Just Because You Like Agreement and Are Sure You're Always Right

(3) Hateful Retaliation with Emotional Excess: Ugly, Spiteful, Paranoic Personal Attack (unless their entire person is inextricably tangled up in the complaint)

(4) Hateful Exaggeration: Grandiose Grandstanding for Your Superior Opinions and Bloated Imaginary Accomplishments vs. the paltry insignificant empty nothingness of your debate opponent's hollow self-delusions

(5) Vague Astonishing Claims (except in visionary uber-blogging and analytical meta-blogging, where the exceptional is routine)

If you avoid these five pitfalls of business blogging, the rest should come easily.

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