Wednesday, February 01, 2006

5 reasons why CEOs and blogs are perfect match

CEOs and blogs? A perfect match! Why?

(1) CEOs like to control things.

Blogs can be totally, easily, and nearly instantly controlled, managed, written, edited, revised, hyperlinked, fact-checked, and published by the author.

(2) CEOs like to delegate.

Blogs enable others to join in the conversation, speak from their expertise and responsibility in the firm, while not interrupting the main message or primary author of the communications.

Or, if you as CEO think another member of your firm, Sales Manager, PR person, frontline worker, warehouse manager, mail room clerk has a good grasp of customer relations and product savvy, you can assign the company representation and blog authorship to that person, with some guidelines, prohibitions, or directions (based on sensitive issues or competitor espionage and intelligence-gathering concerns, and NOT lack of honesty or refusal to be transparent about vital issues).

(3) CEOs like to see fast results.

Blogs are lightning fast in potential speed of comments, trackbacks, RSS feeds, blog citations, post referencings, and blogospheric buzz, especially for a top ranking executive at a major enterprise, or up and coming contender. Even more especially for such figures in tech, marketing, and information science industries.

(4) CEOs like to be lead the way.

Blogs enable a CEO to be, in some industries that are lagging behind in regard to blogging, a newsworthy and noticeable pioneer in the new communications arena of the blogosphere, but in a year or two any new entrants will seem like bandwagon jumpers, and this is already a common accusation in some circles of applied blogging.

(5) CEOs like to do things their way.

CEOs don't have to be told that they and their company simply *must* stand out from the competition...or perish.

CEOs are also the focal point of the driving force and instrinsic energy system of the organization they head up.

Blogs enable a unique and idiosyncratic differentiation to display itself to the entire market and world. The spirit of a company resides most comprehensively in the CEO, and this one-of-a-kind vision and sense of mission will come through lucidly and coherently in the relaxed atmosphere of a blog.

Yours for better blogging,

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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