Friday, February 03, 2006

10 Things to do BEFORE you promote your blog

Here's what you must do prior to promoting your blog:

(1) Have a good Blog Title and URL. Best: same wording for both.

(2) Use the best blog design template and best HTML template tweaking possible.

(3) Fancy up your blog with some sidebar embellishments, like polls, Firefox link badge, changed wording for "Recent Posts" or "Achives", flickr photo gallery, site tracking users online widgets 9"I sense your presence"), and games.

(4) Write at least 8 consecutive Genius Astonishing Blog Posts.

(5) Be fully aware that your blog posts, those atomic units of your blog, will do all the selling for you. Let your blog posts be your sales force. Let their indirect, low key, implicit selling finesse be your digital marketing strategy.

(6) Be full devoted to replying swiftly, politely, and completely to as many comments as humanly possible. As humanly as possible.

(7) Be ready to go post comments, that are ***totally unrelated*** to your recent posts (i.e., NOT post promotion comments), but highly instructive, witty, clever, relevant, questioning (nicely, helpfully), enriching, to other blogs, as a good will and curiosity provoking expedition.

I post so many helpful comments at other business blogs, I bet they cringe when they see "aka vaspers the grate" appended to a comment on their blog. I alert other bloggers to broken comment or polling forms, corrections, comment spam, link rot, failed functionalities, factual errors, etc.

So you could at least express appreciation to a hard working, benevolent blogger who has inspired or enlightened you.

I cry out for comments, showers of comments, NOT for me...but for my friends who blog pure genius posts, and not one lazy reader has the decency or empathy to take a moment to post a comment?

What are we bloggers doing wrong? Too boring? I'm trying to fix that universally. Watch and see.

You must do this weekly as a bare minimum, I don't care if you are the CEO of the world's largest company. You must be willing to engage with the blogospheric hubs circling your sphere of interest.

(8) Have a blog that will make your visitors think they can't live without it. What could you do on your blog to consciously achieve that vote of confidence?

(9) Have extremely well-written post titles that will enable vistors to instantly, without playing any mind games, know if a given post is relevant and mandatory reading because it may help the reader solve a problem or enjoy some life-enhancement.

(10) Be memorable by being completely unique, honest, simple, interesting, relevant, funny, adamant, brave, and well-informed...with that special twist that makes you YOU.

[signed] ses aka vtg

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