Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Proven Business Blogging Techniques

Here are some Proven Business Blogging Techniques.

These are proven, A-List tested techniques, presented in concise SEO keyphrases for the busy and harried business executive to skim and memorize.

What your business blog
should be, do, or have:

(1) Conversational tone of voice.

(2) Comments enabled.

(3) Feedback directly invited.

(4) Links to reputable sources.

(5) Upfront organization name, mission, product line, and affiliations.

(6) Upfront staff bios, about, profile, contact, credentials, awards, accodlades, testimonials.

(7) Relevant, core competencies expertise displayed.

(8) Professionalism exhibited in minute detail: design, writing style, topic titles, graphics, brevity, politeness, fast response to comments, exo-blog blogospheric interactions with other bloggers.

(9) Provision of abundant free advice.

(10) Blog used as extension of Customer Service or Public Relations, but NOT Sales or Marketing. (These can be subsidiary goals, but cannot, can never be the primary goal.)

(3) Fascinating Anecdotes.

(4) Instructive Experiences.

(4) Deep, Clear Observations.

(5) Unique/Eccentric Insight.

(6) Industry forecasts.

(7) Customer concerns.

(8) Company improvements.

(9) Corporate-social participations.

(10) Expert information, how-to tips, and advanced methods proven successful in your field.

You as a business blogger can use your blog as a showcase for your specialties and skills, your authoritative expertise, your flair and your differentiation.

Using my would be-patented and highly auto-recommended Super Business Blogging Strategy, you will sail into the skies of supremacy and self-reliance.

You, Mr. Executive, or Ms. CEO, you personally can *control* what you say about your products, and you can personally step into the pool of reader comments and customer remarks, and delight to find the water, though sometimes shark-infested, is temperature-wise just fine.

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