Saturday, January 07, 2006

wonkette blog voice lost


"The dirty truth about blogging is that there isn't a lot of original reporting. But I think that what bloggers do well— or at least I hope what they do well, and that I did well — is pick out the brilliant absurdities in any particular news story." -- Ana Marie Cox to Andrea Sachs, "Beyond Wonkette", January 7, 2006

blog voice?


That's what a literary critic at the Village Voice, the New York City, Greenwich Village newspaper, a very smart publication, has to say about Ana Marie Cox's DOG DAYS book.

According to "She's So Got a Book Deal: Wonkette's Loveless Debut Novel", by Izzy Grinspan, a sharp-tongued blogger who modifies their branded trademark "voice" for print publication, thereby diluting it, or dumbing it down, or softening it, is a failure from a literary standpoint.

I agree.

In fact, I say you should not only write in print the same way you write in blogs, I beg people to also talk the way they write their blog posts. Talk like you blog. Tough. Anti-masochistic. Assertive. Bold. Smart. Interesting. Valuable Content. Funny Asides. Weird Anecdotes. Practical Tips. Innovative Methods. Secret Insights.

Here's how Izzy expressed it:


At times, Dog Days sounds like it was written by a more sartorially inclined Raymond Chandler: "Clothes hung out of Melanie's suitcase like they had been shot trying to escape."

But most of the quips read as if Cox, freed from the demands of the lightning-quick blogosphere, began to second-guess her usual wisecracks.

Wonkette's voice succeeds because it's fast and gutter-minded: Without the butt-sex jokes, all that's left is stylized cynicism.


Notice how blog voice is called "fast".

You have to think, type, and post fast to be a blogger. Blogging is not for sluggards or slowpokes.

I'm going to watch what happens at Ana Marie Cox's new Blogspot blog called DCeiver.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


The Deceiver said...

I am not Ana Marie Cox. Ana is Ana. I was a Wonkette guest editor during December and January. That's why my posts had a byline that said "DCEIVER."

Just wanted to clarify.

steven edward streight said...

Sorry about that error. Thank you for explaining the DCeiver blog authorship.