Thursday, January 05, 2006

women and computers

Women and computers are a nice combination for future evolution and counter-cultural exchange velocities. If the womanly trait of curiosity, cultivated by the survival instinct in light of the way men shift around and fool around and try to fool their wives, is any help, it will result in a keen desire to shop or hunt for information, community, other women with similar interests, solutions to health, family, or financial problems, and activism for women's issues.This can be proven by glancing and wincing at the photos presented here for your approval. There are many ways of looking at women and computers, but female internet marketers, lady web designers, and she-bloggers are stampeding into the digital realm with great effect. Here you will see well how computers and females have always gotten along nicely, with reserved but sincere admiration for each others strongest weaknesses and weakest strengths. Not many will see much more than what you can read into the pictures that appear before your astonished and dreamy eyes. Penetrating through the shell to the sockets, the light of uncanny understanding is now reflected in your optical organs as they orbit the globe of your attention tool. Computers have opened up many new career avenues for the bright lass. Many girls dream of being a Blog Queen, Internet Angel, or Web Debutante. This extreme view of computer revolution and women's empowerment makes all the previous movements look like mere footnotes. Who cares about voting for representatives who may get sidetracked into pork projects and special interest tangents? Ladies with laptops are storming the citadels of ideology and repression, and bringing home the activist bacon. Armed with a computer, a gal can struggle along through life without a man at her side. She can rise up and be her own person, striving to liberate her self from expressive anguish. Looking through the monkey hole, the uncomputerized can't understand why anybody would spend that much time in front of a screen you interact with and yet it's not a game or a porno site. It's a blog, a personally managed mini-web site, in which our sisters and the mothers of our children are learning, growing, uniting, cat fighting, and evolving into New Super Bloggers.

[signed] Steven Edward Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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