Thursday, January 26, 2006

Will MySpace tolerate a cannibal blog?

Will MySpace tolerate a cannibal blog?

SoMeEx is a cannibal blog in the service of a SOcial MEdia EXperiment.

By cannibalistic, I mean deconstructive in corrosive assault. I'm eating into MySpace, biting and chewing from the inside out. My carnivorous chowing down on MySpace is intended as a pallium, cloak, to cover a wound and to alleviate pain, without curing, hence, SoMeEx is a grandiose palliative.

So far, I've spotted a usability error and soft porn erotic ads in MySpace, and I'm reporting my findings in MySpace, in my blog at MySpace, a blog about MySpace.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Erotic ads in MySpace

On my blog home page, control panel page, I see Hi Steven! and an ad FIND LOVE LIKE NO OTHER, with a photo of a woman in skimpy panties and pulling her sweater up past her bra, as though to totally remove it.

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Can a core value obsessed, web usability oriented, meta-blog survive in the MySpace environment? Is the real experiment, or is it merely a diversion, decoy, detour?

If I confuse blogging genres deliberately, is it to prove that there is not one blogosphere, but several blogospherias within one blogiverse?

Or am I trying to whip up some remote controversy in a peripheral zone? Or will I be initiated into the secrets of "bulletins", befriending bands, and flying monkeys?

[signed]stevenedward streightaka vaspers thegrate


carrie said...

my space is strange. it's more like a social networking site than anything.

steven edward streight said...

I agree. It's nice to hear a fellow blogger, a She Blogger, come to the same conclusion as I did.

I'd rather my readers say things, than me say it, sometimes.

This social networking aspect is what struck me. A high school kid said he was going to start a MySpace blog. I said are you nuts? Go with Blogger or WordPress, maybe Typepad or MT, but not Xanga, LiveJournal, or MySpace.

He said he was thinking of MySpace, and when I pressed him for an explanation, he said his friends are on MySpace.

Suddenly, I knew I was in a strange sub-culture blogosphere, a blogosphere that was alien and odd.

He and other teenagers began discussing their MySpace blogs after I showed them Naked Conversations, with my name in it.

"I'm an International Blog Expert", I chortled and did a little dance that went over like a lead balloon.

They began speaking of "comments" in a foreign and distant manner. "Bulletins" were mentioned, and a woman said she didn't like getting bulletins from so and so.

I was frightened. Some blogospheric mutation was under my radar, and I vowed then and there to do some blogosphere diving and start a MySpace blog.

carrie said...

bulletins are so impersonal.

Anonymous said...

myspace can't control it anymore more people will be going to alternative social networking sites that accept them like which even has alot more features than myspace has go figure.