Friday, January 27, 2006

why keep blogging?

I'll tell you why you must keep blogging.

Think of an artist or musician. Creative people often craft some of their finest work when nobody knows, remembers, or gives a fig who they are.

Listen blogger/web siter.

Work in obscurity. Write in oblivion. Create for nothing and no one, but keep at it. Love your audience if you have one, but if you don't, so what?

This principle of Stubborn Blogging which I explained at Blog Core Values, is fundamental for all blogs: personal trivia, scientific project collaboration, marketing, CEO, music, art, dating hook-up, and all other types of blogs, even intranet firewall blogs.

Keep at it.

Regardless of "results".

You don't blog for "results" or "ROI". That is ridiculous Old Economy thinking.

You blog to display your expertise, insights, products, advice, personality, core values, art, photos, music, podcasts, audio projects, or specialty.

You blog to have an active, interactive, two way conversational presence in the blogosphere. If you get lots of sales, relevant comments, industry accolades, and online community members, that is probably nice. But it also means increased responsibilities and work on your part.

You say you want to speak at blog conferences, or write a book on blogging, or be heavily linked to by prominent bloggers, but what are you willing to do to attain these noble goals?

You must dedicate your body and soul to your blog. If your shoulders or wrists don't hurt, I wonder how hardcore you really are. If you've never been banned from a site or bulletin board, I wonder how sharp your tongue and thinking are.

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate

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