Friday, January 27, 2006

What's worse than no site at all?

Jeff asked me to look at his web site and make any suggestions that came to mind.

Graphical Force

My email to Jeff.


I looked at it, and there is not much to do or see.

This is why you must not say "have a look around".

A web site
under construction
is worse than
no web site at all.

Here we have a case where the subject should use a blog to discuss his design ideas, to display screenshots of other sites and explain what is wrong with them from a user-centered design perspective.

At an interactive, comment-enabled blog, people can leave remarks on what you're doing and proclaiming, and this is market research.

As it is right now, I know less now than I did before as to what is going on.

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate
Web Usability. Blogology. Consulting.


This post is not to embarass anyone, or to complain about anything. What is vital is to know how users respond to what we do in web sites and blogs.

A web site under construction says: "I publish material that's not yet ready for public consumption."

A web site under construction also says: "Something is more important than my web site, and I have abandoned this web site to go do that more important thing."

Web sites and blogs are fast becoming the priority, the things employers and clients look at first. It's easier and faster to look at your web presence (which had better be interactive and dynamic, not passive and static), than to request a corporate brochure.

Especially in the arena of web services, web design, web analysis, our sites are our primary advertising and self-promotion.

I'm thinking about radically altering this blog design and sidebar. Perhaps a less graphic, stripped down version. I'm not sure yet.

But it's good to keep experimenting with your blog, which shows people you practice what you preach, you have some technical skills, and you strive for perfection in all things.

[signed] mr. potato head aka vaspers the grate


G. Randy Primm said...

it probably would help - professionally-wise, don't you see, if he had written "click on *an* image" rather than "a image."

steven edward streight said...

Actually, it should say "Click on *the* image to view larger size"...since there is only one image.

I'm against "placeholders" for public sites.

Your web presence is you. So, if your web presence is incomplete, skimpy, boring, static, this will make a less than good impression on clients.

A good brochure is better than a crap web site.