Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vote for Disgruntled Car Salesman

Vote for Disgruntled Car Salesman, if you want us to consider you a New Super Blogger.

Seriously, let's help out another blogger. Zafu, one of my regular commenters, has voted for Disgrunt. I did too. Why don't we all?

It will take just a few clicks, a tiny bit of time, just about 30 or 40 seconds actually.

You vote for DCS, then type in your email address. Worried about spam? Then type in a toss-away disposable email account address.


You don't have a disposable email account? (one you can delete without ever checking any mail in the inbox)? Get one. Sign up for some free email account, just for registrations and things like this. Disney has Go dot com free email, for example. Or hot mail. Or Yahoo (I recently abandoned my entire Yahoo email account, full of discussion lists and etc.).

Then, when a site asks for a valid email address, you can type in the toss-away. You never check mail at the toss-away email account, because it's not used for mail.

Visit Disgrunt's blog to read his plea "MKE Online Blog of the Week", to then click on his link to the poll.

Or go directly to the MKE Online poll at "mke blog of the week".

Here's the text of the contest page at MKE Online "mke blog of the year".


mke blog of the week

MKE seeks out the best blogs in southeastern Wisconsin.

blog of the week winner

Round 31: the illustrious bean

And the [2006] year's first blog of the week winner is the illustrious bean, a digital sketchbook documenting the life and times and landscapes of a UWM art student.

blog poll winners

Winner: 2005 blog of the year (12/15/05)

Winner: 2005 Semifinals round 3 (12/8/05)

Round 30: John McCarville.com (12/1/05)

Round 29: one step closer to knowing nothing at all (11/26/05)

Round 28: The Daily Kenoshan (11/17/05)

Here are the blog poll choices for the this round: Jan 5 - Jan. 11.

1. [Geeks are Sexy] technology news

2. Czeltic Girl

3. From Where I Sit

4. Raising Chicks

5. Disgruntled Car Salesman

Only one vote per valid e-mail address is counted.

What is the Blog of the Week Poll, anyway?

In an effort to develop your appreciation of fine literature, we’d like you to read some blogs.

Blogs? OK, so they’re not exactly Shakespeare. But they’re some of the more amusing, informative or otherwise quirky blogs among the hundreds we scouted. And we thought you weren’t wasting nearly enough time surfing the Web at work.

The blogs we ask you to vote on each week come from nominations and MKEonline’s 1000 Voices blog directory, a collection of blogs written in, for, or about Wisconsin. Read them online and vote for your favorite.

A new contest starts every Thursday, and voting for that week ends Wednesday night at 11:59 p.m. The results for the previous week will be posted every Thursday by 5 p.m.


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