Saturday, January 28, 2006

Universal Business Ethics, Google, China

Dave Taylor, a consistently interesting blogger, who has written many computer books, has a controversial post recently published:

"Google gets pragmatic and enters China"

One line of thought is that business can do business wherever the F business wants to.

This is called Arrogant Narcissistic Delusion.

It always culminates in irreversible psychosis from the total dis-integration of the sense of corporate self and self-objects (others who are manipulated as mere extentions of the self, the company, rather than as independent digified subjects of equal value and human worth)...or bloody revolution and death to the tyrants.

I don't understand why anyone thinks "pragmatic" means "cold hearted killer".

I mean, why equate "practical, financial considerations" with "no morality, no ethical standards"?

[Criminals are laughing right now.]

Is this Separation of Church (weird metaphor for Ethics) and State (ugly metaphor for Corporation)?

Who says: "Separate human values from business policy"?

Con artists do. Spammers. Sex slavers. Drug pushers. Monopoly-mongers. Wall Street sharks. Fly-by-night home improvement drifters. Cults. Black slave traders of the past. RIAA. Multi-Level Marketing scammers. Television infomercial sponsors. Telemarketing schemers. Email spammers. Blog comment spammers.

That's who.

Evil people are far smarter than good people, and it's time for good people to wake up and smell the coffin.

Ethics are pragmatic. Immorality often ends up with untimely death, prison terms, and public humiliation. Yet human greed remains self-deceived, totally blind and deaf to the widely proclaimed and proven True Moral Pragmatism, the Absolute Supremacy of Light over Darkness, the Law of All Universes.

Yet, how do we evaluate Microsoft and Google in their relations to the repressive, scumbag Chinese government?

[QUOTE--my comment on Dave Taylor's blog]

Psycho Capitalism is the Mammonist worship of money at any cost (excuse the pun).

Step on any morality just so long as you make filthy lucre, is their policy.

Business is historically the black sheep of the human family. Only at about the time of Buddha, Jesus, and the Roman road system did the Merchant begin to gain some status.

But historically, merchants are low life scum you cannot trust to have any honesty or morals.

I see little evidence of any moral evolution of business, which is why we must struggle to regain some ethical qualities and dignity, in contrast to the many Enrons and Martha Stewarts out there.

Google I like and support. This China situation is tricky and complex.

But I will say this: we should punish China economically for their sick, depraved, monstrosity of Mind Control BS government.

You *never* hurt business by being ethical. You *never* jeopardize your business growth by refusing to compromise with evil and tyranny.

Profits from porn, sex slavery, drugs, spam, con jobs, and business with repressive scum bag nations, like Retard China and North Korea Cult State, is "dirty blood money".

Still, I respect both Microsoft and Google, while having serious concerns about their dealings with that crap country China.

Posted by: steven streight aka vaspers the grate on January 28, 2006 09:32 AM


Go visit Dave's blog for his post that I commented on.

Will Microsoft and Google, by the power of thought and opinion dissemination, the spread of multi-phonicity, conquer the tyrant...through the back door, so to speak?


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