Thursday, January 12, 2006

stupid ghost blog business models

Stupid ghost blog business models abound.

Did you ever think a retarded company would even outsource its blog? I guess we should not be shocked, huh? Idiots.

Take this ghost blog business model, for instance, from Steve Warren "Who Do You Call? Ghost Bloggers" at Datamation, via Josh Hallit's Hyku blog "Speaking of Ghostwriting Blogs":


The ghost blogger headhunter may get involved or a specific ghost blogger will get hired at this point. The writer's job will be to post eight to 12 blogs per week on the company's corporate Web site. These writers can get paid $1,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on the traffic they generate.

For example, if a blogger is paid a base of $2,400 per month, she could receive an additional amount of money based on the amount of traffic she brings to the site. If the average traffic is 100,000 page views, she could get a bonus if it goes up to 110,000, 120,000, 150,000 or 200,000 page views and so on. The more buzz produced, the more money earned.


[Comment posted by Vaspers the Grate]

Oh ha ha ha.

The dumb ass companies who still try to use Old Media business plans for blogs.

What retards!

A blogger for a corporation should not be paid a bonus for increased traffic. This sucks.

He or she should be paid a bonus for accurately and clearly explaining the company's products, benefits, policies, etc.

Butts in seats. Eyeballs. When will these inepts ever change? Why do they have to quantify? For their accounting department?

Blogs are not web site traffic builders nor are they good at being vending machines.

Blogs are for two way conversations conducted in candor and authenticity, honesty and integrity.

You cannot judge a blog by traffic, page views, comment quantity or quality. These are ancient benchmarks that are completely irrelevant today.

Wake up dopey corporate world.

Posted by: steven streight aka vaspers the grate | January 12, 2006 11:45 AM

P.S. I am not impressed with the Datamation site which you link to.

No commenting enabled at Datamation? Then the dammed thing is not a blog. So why is Steve Warren telling us about blogging and ghost blogging for hire, and all the rest...when this Datamation site is itself not a blog?

Seems spurious to me.


The article I quoted from by Steve Warren (who has one of the coolest blog graphics I've ever seen) begins by saying a marketing department gets excited about using a blog as a promotional tool. So they set up a blog, everybody is happy, many publish posts on it, but eventually, after a few short months (!!!), the interest and enthusiasm die.

The corporate/product blog just sits there.

Inactive. Dead in the water. Floating aimlessly in the bloatosphere. Blog junk.

Then some dumb ass genius gets the bright idea that, since there is no passion for the product at the company, "let's hire some blogger to write and maintain our blog for us! Maybe we can pay someone to be Passionate About Our Glorious Product!"

Blog whore: you pay someone to get hot about your ignorant shit product.

Next: "And let's pay them a bonus for increases in traffic directed to our static, boring, hype-aholic corporate web site."

Why don't businesses blog?

Because they don't care about customers, and they have no genuine Passion, Authenticity, or Integrity...that's why. They just want to Make any means possible. Including blogs, if need be. Ha!

And me. Me is another reason why corporations resist starting a blog.

It's NOT because they "don't have time". They're scared I'll show up and slap some criticizing comments on their precious little blog.

I'm why businesses won't blog.

Good. I don't want brain-dead businesses to blog anyway. I want them to go away.


Here's another definition of "ghost blog", meaning a blog that doesn't really exist, at least not where it says it does. Huh? Well, go see for yourself:

Ghost Blogs of Tibet

[signed] Steven Edward Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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