Monday, January 23, 2006

Sleazy Link Attack

Sleazy Link Attack

Pathetic cyber attacks against Vaspers pile up like skanky garbage heaps.

I play very rough blog war with some very rough characters, whom I habitually defeat.

You all know I've been chirping about the fact that the dreaded Comment Spam/Abusive Comments problem is but a dim, fleeting memory now, thanks to Blogger delivering captchas (word verification, character recognition) and comment moderation with delayed posting or rejecting.

I have now a grim and unseemly report for you.

A new form of anti-blog psychopath venue is the Sleazy Link Attack.

Sleazy Link Attack: a depraved, race hate, porn, perversion, ultra-violent, etc. blog does you the extreme disfavor of blogrolling you or text-linking to your blog, when the link establishing blog is not only not relevant, but is also repulsive.

[signed] leopold the told aka sleialgnion

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