Thursday, January 26, 2006

Site Search vs. Archive Categories

Teaching your blog readers how to effectively use Site Search to navigate your blog: is this a good solution to a blog that has poor Archive Categories, this blog for example?

I typed in an esoteric topic keyphrase "blogs and murder" into my own Site Search text entry box, see it, up there, at the top of this blog. "Search This Blog".

I'm quoting the results page I obtained from that search.

I will also try a few more keywords, like "business blogs", "CEO blogs", "blogocombat", "blog evaluation". If the keywords pan out okay with good results, all the relevant posts, I will then add a list in my sidebar:

"Suggested Keywords to Use
to Search This Blog for
Specific Info Relevant to You"

Is this a good temporary work-around for poor Archive Categories?

4 posts matching blogs and murder - showing 1 through 4

all blogs are metablogs

20 Jan 2006 by Steven Streight

all blogs, with real human beings authoring them, typically contain some amount of ... blog burnout, blogs and murder, blogs and rescue and recovery programs, ... "a blog that blogs about what other blogs are blogging on their blogs, ...

Vaspers the Grate -

Blogs and Murder

10 Sep 2005 by Steven Streight

Blogs and Murder A blogger mentioned his own killer in a blog post. The "some guy ringed the bell" is the killer, who is mentioned as "my sister's former boyfriend". He and his sister were both murdered by this person. ...

Vaspers the Grate -

personal blogs and murder

29 Dec 2005 by Steven Streight

Blogs and conviction of murder suspects is a welcome breath of fresh air for the blogosphere. I'm all for Self-incriminating Blogging by dumb ass crooks and killers. Yeah, buddy. Bring it on. Now check out a reference on this topic, ...

Vaspers the Grate -

definition of blog & post recycling

18 Jan 2006 by Steven Streight

Blogs and writing skills * Female vs. male bloggers * Blogs and Murder * Blog Psychosis * New blog game online * Law of Loser Levitation * Blog creativity and music * Blog Content Protection: siglinking * Secret Vaspers Vocabulary ...

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