Sunday, January 22, 2006

Simple explanation of blogging

Simple explanation
of blogging.

Here's a suggested set of statements you can make when explaining blogs to your friends, family, clients.

1. A blog is just a simple web site.

2. A blog is a site you can easily update with new writings, photos, art, and other content.

3. A blog enables anyone who can type an email the ability to create a mini-web site.

4. Blogs are fun, quick, and easy to work with.

5. Publishing a blog post is as easy as sending an email message.

6. A blog post is sort of an "email to the world" [Doc Searls].

7. Blogs are revolutionary, because for the first time in history, anyone can now present an idea, opinion, sound, or image to the whole world.

8. Blogs are like online diaries, but business use them to do market research and to get feedback from customers.

9. Blogs enable professional people to display their expertise.

10. Virtually anyone can have a blog. If you can type and have an internet connected computer, you can have a blog, for FREE. You can have a blog, a good blog, without spending any money specifically on it.

11. A blog can be about anything: yourself, your hobby, your family, your talents, your career field, art, poetry, politics, philosophy, whatever.

12. If your blog is interesting or beneficial, and you know how to promote it, you'll get interesting comments from readers.

13. You can make new friends by blogging.

14. Blogs can contain the uncensored, unfiltered, unedited opinions or facts about a person or organization, to counteract bad publicity, rumors, mistakes, misunderstandings, or attacks.

15. Blogging can improve a person's thinking, writing, debating, business networking, and online social interaction skills.

16. Blog induced euphoria is based on good comments on your blog, other blogs linking to yours, emails from readers, blog pioneers mentioning your blog, readers subscribing to your syndication (RSS) feeds, and the satisfaction that your blog is steadily improving.

17. Soon, blogs will be a part of nearly everyone's life, until it seems to be just another communication tool, like email, telephones, IM, texting.

Can this explanation be made simpler?

Do YOU often find yourself trying to explain blogs?

Don't you agree that we should get better at defending and defining blogs?

What did I leave out? What would you add, subtract, or change in my list?

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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