Sunday, January 29, 2006

shel holtz defends the blogosphere

My, how refreshing to finally see a blogger with a brain!

Now, I don't know if I will find myself agreeing with everything this guy posts, but this one ripped the lid off my head with sheer power blogging ability. Shel Holtz, in his blog "a shel of my former self", explains why Ad Age is wrong to state that a blogger is "just a writer...who happens to use blog software."

His post "Ad Age strikes again" is an excellant read. Some guy at Ad Age, Simon Dumenco, says "there is no such thing as blogging or a blogger". Really?

I know. That link goes to my comment that I posted, but the post is above it.Hey, my Geek Neck is burning in painful agony, yet I force myself to Twist & Blog, a new technique. You squirm around in your chair in a Tai Chi manner, to loosen joints and ligaments, to prevent permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

A blogger is not "just a writer with a new tool".

A blogger is called a "blogger" to indicate WHERE he or she publishes material, and HOW it is done, and, to some degree at least, the WAY it is presented, meaning "sharp tongued, unfiltered, fast-paced, confrontational style".

A writer who uses a typewriter can be called a typist. A writer who uses a blog can, and should be called a blogger. A person who writes novels is a novelist. A person who writes a newspaper column is a columnist.

See? The practice is widespread. Writers who blog are bloggers. Yeah, buddy.

Anyway, I'm thankful for good, smart, ethical bloggers. God knows we desperately need more of this type.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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