Friday, January 20, 2006

Reader reviews my CompuMusik CD "CN Metaphysics"

EDITOR NOTE: Blogs as conversation/online community building tools?

I say "Yes!" with as loud a whimper as I can muster this early in the afternoon.

And here's another example of Bloggified Conversational Marketing (music recording promotions) mixed/mashedup with Blogistic Online Community Building social media.

A reader of my blog requested and obtained a complimentary copy of my new music CD. This is not capitalism. This is the share economy, the free thought spawning free food syndrome. Free speech begets free everything else, no charge, no profit, no Old Outmoded Business Models from the antiquated broadcast mass media empire of dust.

Steven Streight CompuMusik
"Christian Noise Metaphysics"

CD review by Carrie Snell (1-20-2006)
A Grain of Salt blog
(omnamaste dot blogspot dot com)

listening some more to your cd, i realized that my comments about track 1 ["transform the culture" 0:28 having interesting background audio of scientific discussion of nanotech manufacturing, etc.

...were actually about both 1 ["transform the culture"] + 2 ["zero to infinity in no seconds" 5:56], because i hadn't realized they were separate tracks.

the music is trippy in general and if i were doing acid i would probably go completely insane listening to this stuff.

i particularly have enjoyed track 4 ["glory glory" 3:39] "glory in the library" that's what i'm calling it. it relaxed me and i liked the imagery.

i like the buzzing noises that sound like electric crickets and frogs at a robotic midnight pond (at the end of track 5 ["war vs. everybody" 3:48] )

i'm listening to this music on my headphones, but the cats can still hear it and they are acting really funny!

track 6 ["Liberty by Shelley 1824"] makes me think of something the snow queen in the chronicles of narnia would listen to.

that little voice is reminiscent of the poltergeist lady... if you know who she is. also, this track's poetry sort of brings to mind King Arthur (actually, the Mists of Avalon and Morgan le fey.)

it would be cool to make videos to this stuff.

listening to track 7 ["new dimension disco"] i am thinking... it is interesting how this "noise" can somehow be relaxing and comforting to me. that background bass rhythm is hypnotic. soothing. trance-inducing.

8 ["life pulsations booster"] i like "it's not just like a rooster, it's like a cup of coffee"

is that what it says?

i like the way "it's like a cup of coffee" is spoken.

machinery, factories, video games, alien computers conversing. mechanical birdies chirping and twirping.

what comes next? this is an adventure in sound.

track 9 ["chalice & torch"]: i feel like i'm underground, exploring dimly lit catacombs....what will i find around the corner? dripping stalactites

this music is like doing drugs without the drugs. it alters consciousness.

track 10 ["vibrating foamular object"]: it does sound like a vibrating foamular object. i look at the titles to see if the imagery in my head goes along with the titles at all. it seems to, somehow.

more later

[EDITOR: she has yet to ponder the insipid-sonic-inanities and boring ritualistic electronic frivolity of tracks 11 "ethereal nature setting", 12 "light train signal", 13 "the glow", 14 "properties of linear detergents"], 15 "digital angel jazz piece", 16 "painful flames of sorrow"]

What you have just witnessed with your own eyes is Conversational Marketing + Blogger Friendship Interactivity + New Economy of Sharing + Word of Mouth + Online Community Building with FREE Social Media Software + FREE hosting + FREE Email + .... {etc.}

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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