Thursday, January 26, 2006

Play with comment signatures

Play with comment signatures, and have some fun on blogs.

What? You know what I mean, don't you? We are all mature bloggers here, we know what time it is blogologically speaking. Right? Well, for newbies, here's a belabored explanation...

Blog Comment Signature Play:

Typing in your real name, but adding something to it, when you are in a blog comment posting form, and you have to fill in your name, a valid email address, and a URL to your site.

For example, instead of typing in "steven edward streight" when I post a comment at a blog, I always type in "steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate". At one time, I used to substitute "aka leopold the told". But I always am promoting my flagship blog, Vaspers the Grate, every time I post a comment. It's a way to promote a blog, a new idea I invented. Go ahead and use it.

"Carrie Snell of Omnamaste Blog" could be the way Carrie could sign all blog comments. Then, she'd be promoting her blog at the same time.

"Michelle aka Voix de Michelle"

"Disgruntled Car Salesman, the Blog"

"Zafu aka A David Grey Flog (Fan Blog)"

"Sleialgnion aka Cosmos Blogmos"

"John C. Dvorak of Dvorak Uncensored"

Will the entire thing show up as a comment signature when your comment is posted? I'm still experimenting. So far I have typed my comment signature as "Steven Edward Streight Who Is Also Vaspers the Grate" and it all is displayed at Blog Business Summit.

EDIT UPDATE: I am now using "steven streight aka vaspers the grate who is kind to all sentient beings", for example, see my comment at post by Chris Locke (Cluetrain, Gonzo Marketing) on RSS feeds:

Try it. It can't hurt. It might help promote your blog. Otherwise, if you continue to just type your name, you're losing an opportunity for people to start associating your name with your blog title. Get hip to marketing savvy. Play with comment signatures.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate aka sleialgnion aka cosmos blogmos aka contemplative garden hoe aka deep blog research


carrie said...

good idea. cuz i don't like it when there are other people commenting who sign "carrie" it makes me feel ambiguous or something.

MARYBETH said...

Thanks so much for this tip!
MaryBeth aka Life In The Desert

steven edward streight said...

If a person signs their name John or Cakey, it means that they're not differentiated from the many others who may also be named John or Cakey.

So a full real name with an "also known as" (blog title)is more effective and is also promotional for your blog.