Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pete Townsend blog Boy Who Heard Music

Pete Townsend, of THE WHO, has a blog, called Boy Who Heard Music. I got this tip from my dear Zaf's now landmarked inert blog A David Gray Flog (fan blog) AT

It's a book blog, a blog that is a book, or will be a book, or something, hence, the loooooooooong posts.

Welcome to the Blogspot family, Mr. Squeezebox!

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zafu said...

I have been in love with Pete Townshend since I was thirteen, when I heard his song "Let My Love Open the Door" on MTV. The video (I think it was film, actually) consisted of Pete and his lean lanky self and his lean lanky guitar on a darkly lit set. Everything was dark and shiny. Pete's guitar was glossy. His hair, his beard trimmed closely. He had a look of poet about him. And the song, sentimental but muscular...

I think in many ways "he" is my idea of the perfect man.

Thankx Vaspers, for the plug. I am working up to some new posts on the old flog. Dunno. Internet access is still iffy, and I have been troubled by money worries, so inspiration seems to be short. But I have been reading about some surrealist exercises for getting inspired. I am sort of getting excited about it again.

PS - Whether it becomes a book or not, the idea is for me to write and create a record of my universe. I originally took up blogging because the novelty of it got me writing a little every day.