Monday, January 23, 2006

Passion loop of blogging

Passion Loop of Blogging

We must be passionate about Our Blogs,
the Blogosphere, and

Other People's Blogs.

Are you posting comments at other blogs? I'm not talking about this blog, my own, I'm talking about other blogs out there. You reap what you sow. Plant abundant/skimpy comments at other blogs, harvest abundant/skimpy comments at your own blog.

This is Metaphysical Blog Fact #2: Comment Sowing Principle.

Can you guess or imagine what #1 is?

I now in Whisper Transmission mode 3* state:

"Metaphysical Blog Fact #1:

Passion Loop of Blogging"

Blogging can make you passionate about your topics, and that passion, generated by frequent research and post publishing, reciprocates into increased blogging, for increased passion, ad infinitum.

Blogging means just writing posts and replying quickly to comments?

NOPE. Of course not.

Blogging encompasses visting other blogs and posting comments at them. Especially in Reciprocal Commenting: you go post a comment at the blog of a blogger who posted a comment at yours, or links to your blog or a post in your blog.

* Whisper Modes: pre-text sub-message to those who have ears to see and eyes to hear what is in between and inside the lines of communicative deployments.

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