Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Once there was a blog

Once there was a blog, the lines came together, force and matter, mind in text with electro-transmission, and another hundred joined in, twenty five thousand other events were launched, then a million episodes, then triple million things, until talk of 15 million happenings or 30 million incidents was not considered that far off base.

Each blog is an event node, a hub of happenings, hopefully happy, sometimes grim, because life isn't always pretty, soft, or sane.

But each sparkling, every single point of light in the darkness of the web gloom, brighten someone, made them feel understood to a miniscule degree, but that was enough. In fact, that was more than enough.

Everybody was shocked at the bloggers.

"You blawwwwgggghhh?" they'd say with a look of contempt, unbelief, and pity.

You might as well have said, "Hello. I'm an avid fan of coloring books. Want to see my crayola crayons?"--when you told someone you "have a blog".

You soon learn to keep your dirty little secret as secret as possible. Polite society does not "blawwwggghhh".

"You do what? You blog? We have no such filthy sounding habits or compulsions. You may excuse yourself to the dungeon now, Blog Freak. We are all from good families, good breeding. What a disgusting sounding word, blog. You should be ashamed of yourself for being attracted to anything so coarse and common. Would someone please pass the caviar?"

On your way to the dungeon, you pass some blood kin in the kitchen.

"Mom, Dad, aunt Grumpy, I have to out myself. I can't hold it in any longer. Please don't hate me for saying this: I'm. I....I'm a....a...blogger!"

"Good God, no!!!!" screams your relatives, as they angrily dial 911 or Emergency Mental Health Services.


You might as well have called them "fluckkers" or some other seme-ingly filthy sounding word, a designation that totters vaingloriously on the very sharpest, slipperiest razor's edge of impending insight: yes, they are sometimes verging on, or spilling over into, vulgarity, curses, black smoke pouring out of the ears of the digital realm: the eyes.

We bloggers hear with our eyes, speak with our fingers, and type with excruciating passion, a passion that has been mercilessly, relentlessly blocked and shoved down into sublimations of dissipation and desultory disillusion, hence: a burgeoning enigmatic Blog Enlightenment.

Bloggers know and feel the One World of All Humanity, as evidenced in the blogosphere.

Bloggers are Advanced Enlightenment Meteors.

In blogs, even CEO and intranet firewall blogs, the Unconscious drives and trajectories spring forth. Leaking subconsciousness all over the place, bloggers are pulled from conformity cushions to the hard floor of hard knocks (negative blog comments).

We thus require secret terminology, in addition to public discourse, a nuanced set of insinuations, to transpire all the pre-sets in a skilled certainty of forward motion.

In the Information Universe, the blog reigns and is running rampant in rampages, from page to page. Bloggers exaggerate each other's Virtual Evolution, until mind science is second nature. Stepping harmoniously in unbound ecstasy and excess, these New Harmoniums of Fluid Crystal Starshine become more and more indebted to alien idea, foreign culture, unusual beliefs, heretofor unheard of, and unherded, mysticisms and rationalizations, debate flourish, apt command, a jumbled euphoria of unbridled, uncensored flying into FREE...thought, food, web hosting, blog software, information, internet search, music mp3s and CDs...

FREE everyone.

FREE thought.

FREE expression.

FREE communication.

FREE online community.

FREE tutorials.

FREE collaboration.

FREE everything.

The Information Unempire.

The Blog Revolution.

What most do not yet understand fully: the blog is a highly collaborative effort, not the "kingpin" blogger jerk controlling the flow and substance of information, but the lurkers, commenters, readers, linkers, citers, quoters, and blogger pursuing Multi-Truth Precision.

The blogger comes last in the hierarchy of what makes a good blog.

Your topic, information, style of presentation, writing skill, conversational diction, personality, insights...all are essential aspects to keep improving.

But the really key superiority of blogs over other media is the ability to engage, entertain, and enlighten each other in a relatively casual, livingroom-like atmosphere. Isn't is astonishing how just typed text in a template can generate mood, tone, emotional environment? You feel light and airy in one blog, and suffocating in another.

Ever happen to you?

Do some blogs seem like funeral parlors, some like circuses, other like thought laboratories? Some seem expansive, some feel constricted.

It's the readers, those who lurk and spread your ideas offline, and those who post comments to interact with your ideas online, who really make the blog. The blog readers can set a direction, topics to discuss, data they are seeking, insights and anecdotes, photos and art images, that they prefer.

If your blog is a massively Reader Oriented Blog, you will find yourself working with your readers to build a blog monument that could be the pride and joy, the honor and astonishment, of the New Blogosphere 4.0

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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