Saturday, January 28, 2006

new scum blogger attack

New scum blogger attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. I think I'm fairly well known as a crusader for ethical blogging, so I'm not shocked that I have many enemies. Enemy combatants who rack their brains for ways to attack me, my blog, and my readers.

Vaspers the Grate is, as far as I can tell, the sharp tip of the Sword of Truth, the point that drives home the cut that slices into Pseudo-bloggery's kingdom of crud.

Evil people are smarter than good people. There's a word for good people who are so damned pleased with how trusting and naive they are. That word is chump.

Every person who is duped by an Instant Riches Con Artist has larceny in his heart.

A chump is a greedy, lazy person who wants to steal from others, or get something free, but is tricked into being the victim instead. In other words, people who fall for scams typically are seeking to rip someone else off, take advantage of someone, or get something for nothing.

Are you looking for a Get Something For Nothing scheme? Are you looking for an Easy Way to Get Rich Fast?

Then you're a chump. You're an easy target for con artists.

I will now tell you about a new twist. Someone tried to post a comment at my post "MySpace: toilet of the blogosphere?" This person was trying to post a Con Artist promotion at my site.

The scum blogger tried to post a malicious comment, a comment that would take you to their Blogspot blog, where a scam was being promoted. If I would have sloppily decided to Publish This Comment, you folks would be in a world of hurt, let me tell you.

The comment was "I'm the [color] [rodent]."

I delete the color, and animal, as an additional safeguard.

You say, "Huh? How is this a malicious comment?"

I reply: it was a mysterious statement designed to draw curious readers to the commenter's blog.

But I have mental and metaphysical filters, in addition to my other more digital defenses against cyber criminals.

Once you arrived at the scum blog,

[EDIT UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the scumblogger first wrote about how you should never respond to a PayPal email, that PayPal does not send out emails, that you should go to the PayPal site to do transactions. This much is true.

See? A scum blogger con artist will present you with something that is true and protective. So you think: "Wow. She is right. Bless her heart for saying that. I like this blog." At that point, the trap is set.]

you would be greeted with a series of posts on a scheme to use PayPal's Merchant Exchange Program and a Chain Letter Email device, where you send an email message to 5 people, with your name at the top of the list. You deposit $5.00 in your account, and do some other stupid things...

...and supposedly become a millionaire in weeks.

The scum blogger said that Oprah was proclaiming this system as a Get Rich Quick scheme that is legal and really works. What a pile of crap. I googled a few phrases and came up with nothing to confirm this wild and crazy scheme, not even anyone warning others about the scam. So I'm warning you now.

I'm thankful to have Email Notification of New Comments, Word Verification, and Comment Moderation with Delayed Comment Posting. Some of my readers may think it's a nuisance to go through the Word Verification captcha and Comment Moderation process. But it's not that hard is it?

Now I want you to think about how these safeguards are protecting you. This was just one example.

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate

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