Monday, January 30, 2006

MySpace is Sex Predator's Paradise

MySpace is a Sex Predator's Paradise, Mr. Murdock.

Do you care, Mr. Murdock?

From "Teen Menu" at the Blog Safety site:


The sad fact is that it is now very easy to find teenage victims in your community, thanks to an online social networking service called

This advertising-supported site, which was acquired last year by Rupert Murdock's News Corporation, presents a veritable smorgasbord of teenagers, organized by community and high school.

If you know the name of your local school and the sex and age of teens you're seeking, you can find them on MySpace.

What's more, in most cases, you can find pictures, names and photos of their friends; details about where they were born; what they like; and where they hang out. In many cases, you can also find their full names and cell phone numbers.

As an experiment, I used the site's search function to look for 16- and 17-year-old "women"who attend the high school near where I live -- where my kids went to school.

Within seconds, I was presented with a list of 198 girls who were registered on the service. Including boys, there were a total of 577 listings for current students, which represents about a third of the school's student body.

The search function allows you to specify age, starting at 16.

MySpace's terms of service say that it's open to people 14 or older, but there is no age verification process to prevent younger kids from setting up an account by lying about their date of birth.

One of the girls, who is 16, has a sexually suggestive word as part of her user name.

Thanks to MySpace, I have a pretty complete picture of her life. I know the day she was born, the hospital she was born in, her full name, where she goes to school, what she likes to eat, what time she goes to bed at night and her favorite fast-food restaurant.

She gets along with her parents "sometimes". In the past month she says she has consumed alcohol, eaten sushi, been to a mall, and gone askinny dipping. She says she has shoplifted at least once, wants to be a lawyer and would like to visit Egypt.

Information like this, which used to take predators months to extract from a child can -- in the wrong hands -- be skillfully used to help win a child's confidence.

Thanks to several pictures on her site, I also know exactly what she looks like and have seen pictures of many of her friends and am able to access her friends' profiles as well. This girl lives within a few miles of my house. Some of the pictures were clearly taken at the local high school.

With information like this, it would be pretty easy for someone with bad intentions to locate this girl.

Then the question is what might happen. Hopefully, the young lady would have the sense to avoid the person, but armed with enough information, predators can be very good at persuading would-be victims to comply with their wishes.


Have a nice Mr. Murdock.

Enjoy Hell when you get there.

Your negligence gleams like filth in the sky.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


MARYBETH said...


While I agree whole heartedly with your vehement repulsion the mess over on MY SPACE, I wonder if your language and approach in your letter will be taken seriously??

Might you write it more professionally with less explosive emotion??
Just some thoughts...

N A M A S T E<

steven edward streight said...

Sorry Marybeth, but when cops and judges and politicians are arrogant, corrupt, and protecting vile criminals, sometimes you have to be aggressive in your damning of them.

I'm not sure what words you find "objectionable".

Do you use pure, religously holy language on your blog?

I know you are sickened by all this, too. It makes you want to...well, I better not say what I feel. It could get ugly.

It's the same with Corporate Jerks. They complain that bloggers are harsh and sharp-tongued, as they raid pension funds, offshore outsource, scam consumers, cut health benefits, etc.

I'd sure hate to see a bloody revolution in this country, but I see it in a Vision.

Death and destruction from, not terrorists, but furious parents.

If "dung" is used in the Bible, I'm not worried about some of my words.

MARYBETH said...

Hey Steven,

I am JUST SAYING> that in this crazy world where everyone is yelling and screaming at each other -NO ONE IS LISTENING, or PAYING ATTENTION.

I didn't find any particular word OBJECTIONABLE, it is more the level, tone, over all presentation, that I do not think ()readers who will take action to make change,) will take seriously.

Corruption has existed since ..well.. forever; so is not, what we do with every word we write or speak, the opportunity to create a Better reality?


steven edward streight said...

MB: You are so right about all the yelling going on.

Thanks for the nice thoughts you've expressed.

I agree: better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

But, of course, sometimes it helps to shout if a blind person is heading for a cliff.