Monday, January 23, 2006

MySpace error message for Music

In my MySpace oddity, the Vaspers the Grate Dork Blog, I have succeeded in getting the electronic avant band Mouse on Mars to be my friends. I also wish to contact Modest Mouse, Stereolab, Pavement, and some other bands, if they have MySpace blogs.

I'm delving into this blogging arena in experimental mode. My blog in MySpace is a meta-blog, a "blog about MySpace" in the MySpace social media network. I'm not sure how many metal-blogs are in MySpace. I'm not sure if I can be teenage geek and old geezer blogologist simultaneously, but I'll try, for I am a wee bit of an innovator at heart.

All day, whenever I click on "Music" from the MySpace home page, I get this error message:

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.


MARYBETH said...

I happened to be leaving
a note over there yesterday and there was a big notice about all the addresses being changed and all members will have to change favorite places addresses.

I do not know the exact details , but it is on the main member page.

steven edward streight said...

MB: thanks for the info. Oh, great, just when I decide to do a meta-blog experiment over there, simultaneously with my WordPress experiment, they have to go and have problems.

Just my luck. Maybe there's a reason, a purpose, a...ah, forget it.

I was attempting to add another band to join MOUSE ON MARS in my friends list.