Sunday, January 22, 2006

multiphonic blogs

Multiphonic blogs are exactly what they seem and sound like: they are blogs with many voices.

I cannot believe you are not ready to examine with me now the ambiguities and insurmountabilities of domination systems, get angry at them, and consider how we can best wreck them.

That's the value of multiphonicity. In a multiphonic blog, there is no inside or outside, there is no blog even, except for an intersection zone composed of multiple voices. Why should a blog be a blogger writing posts, and then saying to his readers, "But enough about me. I want to now hear about you. So what do you think about me?", the old ad agency joke about how communication is communal action, not a tyrant commanding attention and obedience.

Thus, a blogger, blog author, instigator of topic thread via publishing posts, must not be inordinately hovering over the blog, for the blog is not a set of posts, but a fellowship, a brotherhood/sisterhood of lurkers, commenters, other bloggers.

The blogger's voice is therefore not privileged, exclusive, formost, supreme, formidable, domineering, or hierarched. It starts a conversation, then allows the conversation to take any reasonable, relevant, or enlightening path. A comment could become, or spawn, the next post. There must be ways to blur everything blogistic about a blog, until it becomes as water is to a fish, we simply swim in the blogosphere, in our own blog pool and in some blog pools of others.

We dethrone the patriarchal reign of terror of King/Queen Blogger Voice, and install Multi-Voice in its rule of free thought, anti-centralist democracy, and sound communicative strategy.

The best leader is no leader, the pathless way is the shortest route.

We now see that a blogger, by whatever name or status, is basically nameless and status-free, as far as the blog is concerned. The blogger only starts some topics. Readers turn them into threads. Threads interlace with simultaneous or similar threads in other blogs, in other languages, until there is a vast distance from point A to point Z for the topic thread.

The blog is not concerned with who writes it.

The blog is the intersections, unisons, and divisions of multiple voices, variegated opinions, supplementary viewpoints, shared experiences, personalized anecdotes, insights and asides, treatises and tangents.

The blogger is merely a conduit for Idea and Ideology.

When one blogger departs, he is replaced by a thousand others. Even Hercules in his height of glory could never count nor slay them all, they are so many and so mighty.

The blogger is nothing. The blog, blogosphere, blogiverse is all.

This means that when your conversations die, when your blog is drifting debris, abandoned or deleted, the topics you spewed forth will be reborn, resurrected in other blogs, other languages, other geographic locations, other cultures, other planets.

In hyperlinked neoreality, talk is everywhere, language is everything, bloggers are everybody.

The blog, the new telephony.

The blog, electro-telepathy.

The blog, the new community.

The blog, the new universality.

Relinquish control and command of your blog conceptually, and let your readers determine what is discussed, and what is to be destroyed. Let go the reins of power. Turn on the communal vibratorial atmosphere. Dream your blog, blog your dream, be the dream your dream would have if it were not a vaporous dream.

Coin neologisms, invent new blogological terms, speak in Advanced Bloggerese, be a cult of one, revel in your separation from the Non-bloggers, the Digitally Silent, the Reverse Ghosts of the Real World.

You see, as a new super blogger you rest in your power to relinquish power.

You have entered your blog until all of you (the what is relevant to readers you) is in the blog, and none of you (the what is relevant to you you) is outside it.

Then, your originality and creativity flare up, you attract some readers.

After a while, maybe a long while, some readers post comments. The fact that some readers posted comment means only one thing: some readers posted comments. It doesn't mean you are a good blogger, your blog is good, or you have good comment posters.

you listen to your audience, you let them become embodied and embedded within your blog, then, seeing your chance to escape personality-wise, you haul off and disappear, leaving behind a valued residue: no more personal shenanigans, only Idea and Ideology.


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