Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MSM not ready for negative comments

I was watching tv and blogs were mentioned. A PBS Newshour story, Post Web Site Halts Comments.

The story is interesting, so I pay a little attention to it as I eat dinner. This is the only time I watch any television. There is a situation of a newspaper that got a lot of negative comments on a blog after some political story about Abramoff or whatever. Politics repulses and bores me.

The Washington Post turns off comments on blog, due to comments that were "of a tenor beyond what was acceptable...and we get to set the rules for our own site".

Apparently, their "Profanity Filter" didn't work, and a lot of abusive comments got through.

I am so glad that I, and all my readers, know how to stop spam and abusive comments: by using captchas (word verification/character recognition), email notification of comments, comment moderation, and delayed posting of comments.

What does the Post blog expect? Don't they know that the public can get vulgar, coarse, common, filthy mouthed, and most of all: angry? So how does it feel, MSM, to hear from us for a change?

Corporations, religious institutions, governments, broadcast media, ad agencies, they are *NOT* prepared to hear from those they try to manipulate. The puppets have cut the strings of the machine that pretended to preside over their every move. The puppets are pulling some strings of their own now, yanking chains, and jerking the domination systems around.

The Washington Post expects:

"No personal attacks."

"Try to stay civil. Name-calling repulses those who would otherwise be interested in joining the debate."

Xeni Jardin, co-editor of Boing Boing, tried valiantly to explain what The Washington Post did wrong. "Anonymous comments enable more mudslinging."

As I watched this television progam, I was laughing at many things.

The MSM (mainstream media) and businesses are afraid of what they call the "wild wild west" of the blogosphere. They fear "drive by flamers", negative comments by anonymous readers. It is the "immediacy" of the reactions, the speed with which negative comments can be posted, that really freaks them out.

Many MSM and business entries in the blogosphere will experience a baptism by fire, and many will not survive it. They will drown in an ocean of flames.

Xeni Jardin explained how the blogosphere is self-correcting, and how a blog's readers can help police a blog, by arguing with other comment posters, and shouting down idiotic statements or false accusations. "Tap into the energy of your readership" is a key phrase that is being used lately.

Corporations won't start blogs because they have no interest in hearing from the poor saps and suckers who are stupid enough to buy their products. They also have no desire to fuss with filters and screens and comment moderation, like they can offshore outsource such duties.

But what they fear is coming at them like a freight train: criticism, complaints, close readings, deconstructive assault, questions, challenges. If not in their own blog, where they can at least express their side of the story, then in other blogs that discuss them and their industry.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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G. Randy Primm said...

let's all give a really big hand to tim berners-lee.


the msm sucks, and they're getting worse.apparently they have forgotten that tom paine helped change the course of history with a mere *pamphlet* titled "common sense." the rest of us are changing the world with boxes called hp and ibm and dell and linux.