Wednesday, January 04, 2006

more secrets of deep blogology

More secrets of deep blogology shall now be withheld no longer, and with your own eyes ye shall see them slither across the damp and broken floor of the blogosphere.

"If only I had known these blogological secrets sooner! I could have saved my business!" one hypothetical potential client was speculated as having possibly said.

Anyway, all joking and poking aside, save it for the sidebar, as they say at blog conferences, here are a few...

More Secrets of Deep Blogology

(13) Promote the blog, not the post.

Most blogologists will tell you that a way to increase your blog's readership, is to do "post promotions". A "post promotion" is when you publish a comment at someone else's blog, and include a title and URL for a specific post you wrote on the same topic as the post you publish your comment at. Follow? No? Read that last sentence a few more times...slowly. I had to type it slow, so you must also read it slow.

Never "promote the post, not the blog". as most blogologists proclaim. Even Blogger points to post promotion as a good tactic for increasing your blog's readership. I beg to differ. I state the exact opposite.

By stating in a comment, "I wrote a post on this topic last week, and it's called Blog Until It Hurts at [URL]. Check it out!", you run the danger of sounding like a typical spam comment.

(14) Never appear to be a spam comment poster. If your comment could be construed or even miscontrued as a comment whose sole purpose, or primary aim, is to drive traffic to another web site or blog: it may be deleted. It will certainly be frowned upon silently if not vocally by other bloggers and blog readers.

(15) Be content with embedding a link to your blog in your name within the published comment. If you say something brilliant, challenging, relevant, well-articulated, astonishing, and enriching in your comment, people will click on your name to visit your blog.

(16) In some cases, you could mention the title of an article you wrote, or the name of your blog. But be as indirect, low key, and shy as possible. That blend of personality traits will help establish your credibility and stability. Only desperate amateurs aggressively hype and push their products or companies at customers. Treat users, your blog readers, with tremendous respect and kindness. Listen to what they write, read into what they say, absorb and reflect, then change as needed. This is what makes the interactive aspect of the New Media so powerful, coupled with the explosion in multimedia.

(17) The New Super Blogs will vary in appearance, features, and functions, but one thing will all share in common is highly interactive and searchable characteristics.

(18) My weakest point is archive categories. This blog has an archive system that sucks big time. Archiving by month is stupid, lazy, default, and completely worthless. Don't follow my wretched example on this issue. Archive past posts according to categories relevant to *your readers* and not your organization or personal viewpoint.

More in the "Secrets of Deep Blogology Series" will be forthcoming, I affirm.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


MARYBETH said...

Dearest Vaspers,

How does one Archive by Subject as opposed to the JANKY monthly method??

zafu said...

You know what I see? I see women being used to decorate your blog, but all the heroes you name are men. What's up with that? Don't you have any women heroes?

steven edward streight said...

My women heroes are Jean Rhys (literature), Pauline Oliveros (music), Debbie Weil (blogology), Amy Gahran (blogology), Laurie Ries (marketing), Joni Mitchell (music), Edna St. Vincent Millay (poetry), Katherine Mansfield (literature), Edith Wharton (literature), The Raincoats (music), Sheryl Crow (music), those are the ones that come to mind at the moment, though there are more.

zafu said...

Heheh... that's right. You've mentioned most of those. But you need to diversify your pantheon of hero pics on the sidebar!

steven edward streight said...

Zaf, I hate to admit, here, to the entire world, but I had to think difficultly as to what women are my heroes.

Do boys have girl heroes?

I racked my brain. My first female "hero" is, of course, my wife Andrea. For her to put up with Vaspers the Streight, this is a grand and unwarranted heroic act of courage, patience, and misunderstanding.

Still, I could not easily think of other women. I was thrilled and astonished by some, but it was the area of literature, poetry, music only.

Name a woman philosopher. Susan something. Some deconstructionoids, Lois Iraguay...see I can't even spell the names.

I was deeply troubled.

Name one black woman blogger.

This is not prejudice, this is data.

I, not being a full-flown philosopher, cannot speculate on causes of data. I just observe the data.

I was deeply troubled some more.


I wondered what Derrida, Freud, Plato, heck even Aristotle, Blanchot, Rimbaud, Hemingway, Robbes-Grillet, Warhol, Picaso, Dali, Twain, Heller, Self, Locke, Ball, and Hume, all males, all heroes to some degree, to me, would say?

Is it wrong for me to not have female heroes?

But do women have male role models, heros, totems, fetishes, or atavisms?

steven edward streight said...


...and here I thought I would be criticized for not having any business people in my little pantheon, or too many Frenchies.

Anonymous said...

I must come back when I have time and answer your very honest reply to my complaint. hehehe

I am work and have little time.

In the meantime, big laughs at "Frenchies." I like that even though you are a serious thinker, you are not above mischief and mayhem. See you later.

MARYBETH said...

For some reason I am surprised Sheryl Crow is a music Hero to VTG!

Ever heard Eva Cassidy?? Check her out .

BTW you did not answer my question which i might point out breaks your own blogorelations ethics.
COuld have been an oversight...